No filter!  Carolina Dieckmann Discusses Sex Partners, Toys & More

No filter! Carolina Dieckmann Discusses Sex Partners, Toys & More

Carolina Dieckmann

Carolina Dieckmann in “Quem Pode, Pod”. Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Summary of the news:

  • Carolina Dieckmann opened the game about sex life

  • Estrela told how many partners she had in her life

  • The actress also spoke about the frequency of sex in marriage

Caroline Dieckman revealed he didn’t have as many sexual partners before he started dating director Tiago Worcman, who he has been with for almost 20 years. The 44yearold actress opened up about her sex life while participating in Fernanda Paes Leme and Giovanna Ewbank’s Quem Pode, Pod podcast.

“Fernanda, you know my biography. It was Vitor Hugo, Marcos Frota,” she replied when asked if she had been a flirtatious teenager. “Vitor Hugo, Marcos Frota and Tiago Worcman,” Fernanda summed up. “Yes, Rafael Muller used to exist and there was the nem, he was a nem from school. There’s talk of counting on your fingers,” added the guest.

In the episode, Carol confirms that she doesn’t count many men she’s had sex with before. “I count on one hand,” he said. But she did point out that she was very sexually active throughout their longstanding marriage. “Naturally. Quite often, but not every day. It never was. It doesn’t happen every day folks,” he guaranteed.

“Are you always in the mood to give?” Fernanda asked. “Sometimes not,” Carolina admitted. “And then everything is fine, isn’t it?” countered the moderator. “Then that’s fine, right. Sometimes you don’t feel like it and you feel like it in the middle of it. This often happens to me: ‘Oh no, I’m too lazy’. Then… who doesn’t?” the guest joked. .

And the toys?

The actress also revealed that she doesn’t have time to use sex toys and doesn’t insist on using them in her relationship with her husband. “So I don’t have much time to use it. Tiago doesn’t give me that time. I don’t have that time.”

It is worth remembering that after a stay in Miami in the United States, Carolina Dieckmann returned to TV Globo soap operas. She is part of the cast of ‘Vai na Fé’, a new seven o’clock soap opera, as criminal defense attorney Lumiar.