Niurka Marcos tells him quotugly and fatquot Adamari Lopez Toni

Niurka Marcos tells him "ugly and fat" Adamari López, Toni Costa defends her ex

Posted in PROMIS on 05/16/2022 09:58

The separation between Toni Costa and Adamari Lopez It became one of the most medial since the public questioned what the motives had been. Now that the Spanish dancer joins in “The House of the Famous”, Niurka questioned him about their breakup.

Where Alaïa’s father was honest and explained how the love story with the host of “Hoy Día” had been, but what was most surprising was when Zumba Instructor Revealed He Had Been Suffering From Depression because the media accused him of being unfaithful to his ex-partner with men.

And in addition to these statements, which he confirmed to be untrue, he was deeply hurt that Adamari López did not come out to defend him against these allegations. Whereby Niurka Marcos supported him for his feelings.

“Sometimes you have to speak with sadness. I love Adamari very much, I just saw her and she touched me a lot, she is beautiful but these are mistakes of the past. You have to defend the family, for the sake of the child”, said the Vedette with absolute sincerity.

Just as the scandalous woman took the opportunity to make some unfortunate statements about the actress: “There was a time when she got ugly, embarrassed, wrinkled, fat and haggard. I remember when I saw her on the shows, I don’t know what, but she got terribly fat…Now she’s beautiful and enlightened, that’s, she’s flirtatious“.

In “The House of the Famous”.

Toni Costa defends Adamari Lopez

Although Toni Costa said nothing to the Cuban at the time, the Spanish dancer decided to approach her the next day to defend her daughter’s mother: “Don’t do it in front of me because Alaïa can see it and say what kind of father I have who didn’t defend my mother.”.

What Niurka Marcos congratulated the dancer for approaching her: It’s good and I love that you did it because it speaks of your big heart. And it doesn’t just speak about the heart, it speaks about the amazing father your daughter has.. I congratulate you and what do you think? Look how lucky I am to say to you, forgive me, forgive me?.

Before his sincere apologies, the Spaniard explained that he was now closer to the Vedette, who listened to him and apologized.

“And I knew full well that I could come and speak to you like that because you’re a roller coaster of emotions, that you have that peace too, and I was looking for that moment. I haven’t done it before, I haven’t done it in front of anyone, I did it here with you because I knew I could do it and that this conversation was going to be a success and that we would bond even more.”