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Nine-month crisis between PP and Vox in Castilla y León

Nine month crisis between PP and Vox in Castilla y Leon

The foundations of the model apartment have cracks, even though it was only built nine months ago. The alliance of PP and Vox in Castilla y León was signed in the Cortes on April 11 and its first coalition government began, an entente that clashed from the start, leading both to argue that they were “different parties” governed by the elections united were mandate. The president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (PP), has seen how his vice-president, Juan García-Gallardo (Vox), has reacted: Gallardo’s controversies have forced the leader to deny, lower or shut up in front of his deputy. The recent controversy over anti-abortion measures in the community is contributing to a series of disagreements, outbursts from the far right and pulses monitored from Madrid.

The final chapter of background noise has come with the decision of the Labor Council (Vox), which scrapped the Industrial Relations Service, which mediated between companies and workers to avoid court cases. The unions, the employers’ association and the labor ministry have already asked the board for clarification on an issue that worries Feijóo and Mañueco, according to PP sources.

The far-right party’s national leader, Santiago Abascal, branded the new coalition executive with the PP in Castilla y León as a “pilot floor” that could later be expanded to span Spain. Mañueco began a phase of transfers and corrections to Vox in April on issues such as sexist violence, as Gallardo called for the concept to be scrapped. The President declined but accepted a “Domestic Violence Act” alongside the Gender Act; A similar thing happened with the historical commemoration, since the ultras promoted a “concordance decree” because the previous one “only spoke about one of the parties”. The 11 “government axes” with 32 “actions” allude to “orderly migration” or “ideological indoctrination”, unprecedented problems in the politics of this territory.

On May 24, the first warning about the action came from Gallardo, who announced his intentions by calling the right to abortion and euthanasia “laws of death.” “I will not patronize him, I will answer him as if he were a human being like everyone else,” he snapped at socialist Noelia Frutos, a disabled lawyer. Mañueco, who promised “rigor and exemplaryness” upon his appointment, issued an evasive apology the next day. June brought another disagreement: the government mediated to save biscuit maker Grupo Siro, Mañueco went to Madrid to confirm it and Vox, whose Industry and Employment Minister has been criticized for his inaction, countered with the announcement a cut of 20 million euros for the unions .

Free sexuality is also confronted with high accusations. Zamora, which will be Europe’s oldest province by 2033 according to Eurostat and has lost 30,000 people this century, saw Gallardo attributing the depopulation to the “hypersexualization of society”. Mañueco distanced himself from his ally’s “different approaches”.

Mañueco broke away from Gallardo in October, who called victims of sexist violence “heartless, false denunciation” and branded those laws an “anomaly in the civilized world.” The leader has acknowledged the existence of gender-based violence, which Vox denies.

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Christmas hasn’t softened Vox, as controversy over anti-abortion measures forced Mañueco and his advisers to disagree with Gallardo, who saw them as “essential” for doctors. Mañueco has tried to settle the controversy with a “frank conversation” with Gallardo.

Now he denies a possible break with Vox, “although nothing in life is certain”. but make a mistake in voting for the tax law that feeds them, which was validated in an extraordinary session and will be worked on in the coming weeks.

So many struggles have prompted Castilla y León to once again talk about electoral progress like the one Mañueco proclaimed a little over a year ago in search of “stability”. Now he denies a possible break with Vox, “although nothing in life is certain”.

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