Nine eliminated are in the BBB 23 repechage and two

Nine eliminated are in the BBB 23 repechage and two are returning

The competition to return to “BBB 23” started this Tuesday (21). Nine eliminated are in Reunion House, contesting the public’s preference, which will pick two to return to the game. Whoever collects the most votes by next Thursday (23) gets a new chance.

Vote in the poll: Who would you rather see back in the running for the BBB 23 Awards?

Marília, Gabriel Fop, Tina, Paula, Christian, Gustavo, Fred Nicácio, Key Alves, Larissa and Fred are in the running. The first to enter the reunion house was Marília. Soon after, Gabriel Fop entered. The climate was mild between the two, who had differences of opinion during confinement. Tina walked in excitedly, celebrating the possibility of her return.

Then came the other participants: Paula, Christian, Gustavo, Fred Nicácio, Key Alves and Larissa. First, Key, Gustavo, Marília and Cristian excitedly met to talk about the volleyball player’s passage through the program “La casa de losfamous”. Paula and Gabriel Fop were separated from the quartet. And Fred Nicácio hugged Tina exuberantly.

Fred was eliminated from the game in a wall against Domitila and Gabriel Santana this Tuesday (21) and was the last to join the group at Reunion House. He abandoned the momentum, preferring to leave the program for good. The venue is a large room with no walls. The beds are lined up along the walls, and in the middle there is a sofa, a pool table, a dining table and other furniture.