Nikita Pelizon and George Ciupilan, where is their friendship?     Big Brother VIP |  GFVIP 7    Big Brother

Nikita Pelizon and George Ciupilan, where is their friendship? Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

Attilius and Antonella You can’t figure out if anything happened in between Nikita and GeorgeThey were once very close friends, but in recent weeks the two rivals have seemed increasingly distant. The fencer wants to go deeper, finally realizing the profound differences between her and her friend, who is always taciturn and needs to be urged to confide her thoughts and perceptions.

In the kitchen, the model is intent on washing the dishes, so Antonella introduces the topic by slowly investigating and trying to understand where the two competitors are now. “I see that the relationship has changed,” says Nikita, who has also tried to speak to her friend in the last few days, with whom she is also in the nomination: “Even if I ask him how he is, he just answers me well”. The dialogue between her and the Tiktoker is often interrupted and she no longer knows how to get back together.

“We know that he never speaks, but I thought it would be different with you,” says Antonella, but here too the model is disturbed and sad at the same time. Antonella’s doubts are that because of her, Nikita and George moved away, and the new relationship with the model was established. But not only that, maybe the reason for their estrangement lies in what happened between Nikita and Onestini?

“I’d like to understand what’s going on with him, I’d like to understand his thoughts, but he doesn’t tell me anything,” emphasizes the model, and then says that George also cooled off when the rift between her and Onestini began. because he was also a friend of the influencer. ‚ÄúThen I saw that they were getting closer and he was pulling away from me. Then since the relationship with you started, he started looking at me differently.”

“So they affect both,” says Antonella. “It’s weird that he has such an attitude, you guys are friends. It should be closer to you.” Nikita sighs between sadness and missing his friend, but he can’t do much, he can’t change a person’s thoughts and attitudes.

What will happen? Is Nikita and George’s friendship really over or is there a way to undo it?