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Nicola, in thin air: after 3 weeks, the investigation turned around, body found in the river

Three weeks after Nicola Bulley’s disappearance, a body that may have belonged to the woman was found in a river not far from where she was last found.

The Missing Woman

The Missing Woman

The yellow of may be at a turning point Disappearance of Nicola Bulleythe 45-year-old mother of two sons, aged 6 and 9, has not been heard from since January 27, when she disappeared without a trace after walking her dog by the River Wyre in a Lancashire town, St Michael’s , had gone for a walk in Wyre in the north of England.

More than three weeks after the 45-year-old’s disappearance, the case is likely to have reached a dramatic epilogue. In fact, the body of a woman was found about a kilometer from where she was last seen: “We are speechless, we must be strong,” commented her husband Paul Ansell, who was awaiting official identification.

A missing woman's cell phone was found on the bench

A missing woman’s cell phone was found on the bench

However, the suspicion that the body found belongs to Nicola is well founded: the same Lancashire Police have indeed informed Mrs Bulley’s family, stating that this is the case very likely that the body belongs to the 45-year-old. Police said they received a call at 11.36am yesterday reporting a body was in the River Wyre on Rawcliffe Road, less than a mile from where Bulley was last seen.

Murder of Alice Neri, fractures found in corpse’s bones: Against request for new expert opinion

The investigators had been sharply criticized in the past few weeks and accused of incompetence; at a press conference a week ago, to everyone’s astonishment, the chief investigator revealed that nicola “Significant problems with alcohol because of their difficulties in coping with the onset of menopause“.

The sudden withdrawal of the police had also sparked such a political outcry that Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament Penny Mordaunt had accused the police of sexism, while Conservative MP Alicia Kearns spoke of “blaming the victim”. “. However, it was mainly Nicola’s family who replied that the woman would not have wanted the disclosure of strictly personal data.