Nice progress: Justin locks Thomas in a cage, here’s why |  Italian Episodes

Nice progress: Justin locks Thomas in a cage, here’s why | Italian Episodes

In the next Italian episodes out Nicethe story about the death of Vinnie Walker it will reach its peak and final stage. And with a twist that sheds new light on what really happened on the night of the accident that took his friend’s life. Thomas Forster.

At the time of its US airing in 2021, the story was presented as a crime complex when in reality it was something else entirely; But actually, a hidden truth comes to light: Vinny wasn’t accidentally run over, but deliberately threw herself in front of the speeding vehicle!

Nice Italian spoiler: Thomas receives a video message from Vinny

In short, the laboratory technician (with the hobby of commerce) voluntarily chose to take his own life with the intention of framing something liam: In his now warped mind, Vinny saw young Spencer as a way to forgive Thomas, who could have put the opponent out of the game Hope.

The truth will come out when Zende Dominguez He is able to unlock his cousin’s phone, who suddenly receives a video message from Vinny: a real confession, with which the young man reveals his intentions just before throwing himself into the street.

Beautiful Italian plots: Justin Barber neutralizes Thomas!

Obviously, the odd gesture will leave some question marks: How did Vinny know Liam would be driving his dad’s car that night. invoice? And again, if Vinny died shortly after impact, how was the video message sent? “Poetic Licenses” that we must accept for the will of the plot…

But let’s get down to the facts: Thomas will find evidence in his hands that he can use to exonerate Liam by confirming that the boy didn’t run over Vinny on purpose and that there was no way he could avoid running over him.

For this reason, Thomas will quickly show the evidence to the Spencer’s defense attorney, Justin Barbierwhat at this point though it will hit him so hard he will pass out!

Nice: Thomas prisoner in a cage

Somehow Justin will manage to drag the designer away from Forrester Creations and lock him in a cage in the Spencer Publications basement. In reality, it won’t be a perfect plan as Justin will act impulsively and therefore without thinking, determined to ensure the Spencer’s are found guilty and sent to prison for years.

Justin’s motive? Well, the man feels increasingly abused by Bill and consequently believes he has the right to claim control of the publishing empire that the entrepreneur’s children don’t deserve. Tired of being treated like the solver Bill resorts to every time he has to do something shady, Justin will claim his just reward for the years he’s spent in his friend’s service!