Nicaraguas Dictator Daniel Ortega Wont Attend Meeting With Lula For

Nicaragua’s Dictator Daniel Ortega Won’t Attend Meeting With Lula For Fear Of Arrest

Nicaragua’s dictator Daniel Ortega will not attend the CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) meeting scheduled for this Tuesday (24).

According to an article published by Duda Teixeira in the digital magazine Crusoé, the leader of the small Central American country would have at least three reasons for not attending the group’s summit in Argentina.

Ortega would not feel safe flying to Buenos Aires and feared suffering an attack that could endanger his life.

Another reason for the Nicaraguan dictator’s absence would be to avoid criticism. The article said he could face demonstrations by opponents on the streets of the Argentine capital and even face human rights questions from other leaders in attendance.

Added to these two reasons was the fear of arrest. According to the publication, there is a charge in Argentina of crimes against humanity committed by the Ortega government that would even include cases of torture.

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro will also not be present at the meeting of representatives of the 32country bloc. The Venezuelan leader was due to meet Lula on Monday afternoon (23rd) but the call was cancelled.