Nicaraguan Vargas will head the General Secretariat of SICA

Nicaraguan Vargas will head the General Secretariat of SICA

Vargas, who holds Nicaraguan nationality, will hold the position in rotating order, according to a statement from the Central American Integration System (SICA).

They also published on their social networks the gratitude of the Parlacen President, Guillermo Daniel Ortega, to the Board and the Honorable Plenary for the election of a personality with extensive experience and a prominent role as an official in the Community bodies.

“They trust that during their administration, the framework laws adopted by the regional parliament on biosecurity of tourism, equal access to digital services, transport and migration, and mental health will be promoted for the benefit of citizens,” reads the text of this Thursday in the city of Guatemala.

Likewise, it is highlighted that SICA will receive a decisive boost with its working dynamics, as well as the institutionality of the community bodies, which, like the Parlacen, need the approval of the reforms of its founding treaty to give it binding powers.

Its importance is becoming increasingly important given the new economic challenges in the region, affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change, the communication underlines.

From Managua, Vice President Rosario Murillo expressed her satisfaction with the support of all Central American presidents for the candidate of the Sandinista government.

«Nicaragua’s right to be in the General Secretariat of SICA. We’re excited and proud to represent ways of unity,” said Murillo.