NHL: Becoming teammates, the Joseph brothers’ dream

NHL: Becoming teammates, the Joseph brothers’ dream

QUEBEC CITY – They’re brothers, best friends, and summer roommates in Quebec, but Mathieu and Pierre-Olivier Joseph mostly dream of being teammates one day.

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The duo has been able to help each other since the beginning of the two brothers’ respective careers. In addition, both signed a contract extension in July, two weeks apart.

Mathieu signed with the Ottawa Senators for four years and $11.8 million, while Pierre-Olivier, 23, signed a two-year contract that will earn him $825,000 a year as a defenseman with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

“Of course we helped each other through this process; we live together,” the 25-year-old forward said on the sidelines of the Gagné-Bergeron Pro-Am this week. We pushed each other and are happy for each other. Our ways are near and it is pleasant.

“I’d say it’s jumped quite a bit at home with all the talks [contractuelles] finished, adds Pierre-Olivier with a big smile. We are two people who prefer to play rather than think about the “business” side.

need defenders

Mathieu Joseph was delighted with the Senators’ many off-season signings. Except when asked about the Ontario team’s defensive needs, he burst out laughing and looked at his brother. A promising blue line contender, this past season with the Penguins in the AHL scored 33 points in 61 games.

“I can’t wait for one day to play together,” said Mathieu Joseph. It’s a little dream that we have to play in the same team if we can decide that at a certain point.

Until then, the brothers from Laval will also be working together off the ice.

“We are together 24 hours a day, we are almost too much together in the summer,” said Pierre-Olivier. We train on the ice and outside. It feels good to see a brother and role model that I don’t see over the course of the year.”