Neymar Jrs girlfriend shows powerful curves in a provocative look

Neymar Jr’s girlfriend shows powerful curves in a provocative look: “Perfection” With you!

Neymar Jr.’s girlfriend Bruna Biancardi poses with her stomach stretched out showing a fit body

Wow! Soccer player girlfriend Neymar Jr.the digital influencer Bruna Biancardi left followers drooling this Sunday afternoon (22). The beauty exuded plenty of sensuality and showcased powerful curves while sporting a provocative look.

On her social media profile, the brunette took care of her face as she posed with an allwhite set, garnering praise. For the bodice, the muse chose a strapless white corset and abused the cleavage by showing off full breasts.

The businesswoman, who has a flawless silhouette, appeared with her stomach still visible, showing off her flat stomach. Wearing lowwaisted pants, she showed off her thin waist in the picture where she appears in front of the mirror and takes the famous “selfie”.

Though the caption of the click was left blank, the muse’s followers didn’t mince words when they praised it. They left symbols of heart, passionate eyes and applause, praising the influencer’s beauty.

“Perfection,” writes a follower. “The happiest woman in Brazil,” joked another. “What is that? Too cute,” asked a third. The player’s exgirlfriend also commented on the click. Carol Dantas. mother of son of neymarShe shared with amusement that she also opted for a white look for this Sunday.



The Star’s Choice neymar when deciding to start the relationship with the influencerBruna Biancardi left the fans surprised. This is because the player doesn’t think much of showing affection in public. Now the reason for the employment relationship has become public.

According to a report published by IstoĆ© Gente, the key point in starting the relationship was the approval the influencer received from her “pals” and family. She is very dear to everyone, which was not the case with other suitors.