Ney Lima disqualified from the farm saying “full of hatred”

Ney Lima disqualified from the farm saying “full of hatred”

It wasn’t this time that Ney Lima joined A Fazenda. The influencer shared on his Instagram this Monday (29) that he had received information from Record TV that he had been disqualified from the reality show list.

He revealed he was about to enter the house and reach one of the final stages, but the show’s production called to inform him that he had been pulled from attending.

“I’m pissed off. Full of hate. I’m really going to say it, I’m not taking it to my grave. My advisor called me and said it was going to happen this year. I got all excited. I had to organize my life. Then left “I go to a psychologist. A few days later, my counselor calls me,” he said.

Participating in several stages of qualification, Ney Lima had purchased several expensive items of clothing, costing up to R$3,000. Photos and videos have already been taken so he could post them once he was on the farm.

“Look, Neil. It does not work. There was a new person with the same profile as you and this didn’t happen to you. I’m losing I’m angry*. I gave up something big in my life. cheating,” he said.

The “big thing” the Bahian gave up was precisely the reduction of his role in the Netflix series A Sogra que Te Pariu. In order to enter the reality show, Ney had to advance a few scenes.

“I spoke to my agent and we were able to sort out the Netflix hype. I’ve progressed on the shoot, my role on the show has diminished, and all is well. At least I wouldn’t be left out. We made a deal, Netflix was great for me. But I’ll post any pictures I took for you to see.”


What a joke! #AFZenda14

— Tvlizando (@tvlizando) August 29, 2022

The shoes that Ney Lima bought to wear #AFZenda14…????????????

— Tvlizando (@tvlizando) August 29, 2022