Next James Bond What if he was Daniel Craigs successor

Next James Bond: What if he was Daniel Craig’s successor? – Grace France

Wanted: the new James Bond. Since Daniel Craig’s explosive departure in 2021, we have already been searching for his successor and the applicants are extremely numerous. One certainty is that Barbara Broccoli, producer of this lucrative franchise, wants to give Agent 007 a makeover.

James Bond : Who is next ?

“If we decide on the next Bond, it will be a commitment of 10 or 12 years,” she told Variety a few months ago. He’ll have to ask himself, “Do I really want this?” Because that’s not the case for everyone. It was hard enough convincing Daniel Craig! “(He was 37 years old in 2005 when he was cast for this role, ed.).

A young, toned British actor (condition sine qua non), that’s the typical profile of the future secret agent, and we know that’s not the case candidates (to the application) that are missing. We’ve already given the names of Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy and Idris Elba – who may be a little too old for the role. Recently, the names of two thirty-somethings came up, Régé-Jean Page (due to the success of La Chronique des Bridgerton) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. It seems that the latter, recently featured in Bullet Train, has passed very convincing tests, even the Sun confirmed.

Lucien Laviscount: another contender for the role of James Bond

Yes, but here it is, according to the Chron, another actor just entered the James Bond race: Lucien Laviscount, 30, the interpreter from Alfie to Emily in Paris. Who would have noticed the producer.

Aside from being from an ethnic minority, reflecting modern society, “Lucien ticks all the boxes, we’re thrilled. He’s a super talented actor, he’s extremely good looking and has gained a lot of new fans in the last 18 months since he joined Emily In Paris. (…) Barbara is very attached to him.” The only complaint that would make her hesitate? Lucian’s participation in Celebrity Big Brother in 2011 ! Yes, early in his career he took part in this reality TV show (he’s almost been before he was!). And that’s not really to his advantage.

While we wait for the next handsome British actor to make a splash… Until the official announcement of the next James Bond in 2024(?), anything is possible.