Next another twist the program ends the reasons

Next, another twist: the program ends, the reasons

Cold shower comes for all fans of Next anotherone of the most popular and followed programs of the schedule of channel 5. In the past few hours, the well-known TV author Marco Salvati in an absolute preview as part of Casa Pipol reveals that the program only has one more edition ahead of it, namely next year’s. After that, the program should finally close its doors: Next another so he only has one edition left, then nothing more.

Marco Salvati’s statements left all the connected guests stunned, especially Gabriele Parpiglia (he literally jumped up!). “But really?” the author’s reaction, repeated by the presenter Giovanna Abate, who asked the guest for further explanations in this regard. Not without a touch of nostalgia, Marco Salvati commented:

“Probably next year will be the last […] By the will of the conductor, but also because the program found its way after reaching seniority. They’ll say a program that’s going well doesn’t give up, but even good things have to say goodbye, everything comes to an end.”

There is no doubt that the closure of Avanti another is a decidedly unexpected decision for many. Just in unsuspecting times, the program has actually included monster games touching on that 26% share and to convince millions and millions of Italians in front of the TV. Auditel arrives at what Marco Salvati himself described as “amazing”, explaining, among other things, that these are interesting numbers, especially given the sensitive and active audience, made up mainly of young people (while the older ones prefer it ). The legacy).

The preview of the new season of Ciao Darwin

During the interview with Casa Pipol, Marco Salvati also had the opportunity to give small previews of the new edition of Hello Darwin, transmission for the “another wind draws”. In this case, in fact, there is no question of completion and the preludes to Paolo Bonolis’ other program have already begun, even if the author obviously hasn’t managed to unbutton himself that much.

“The other day we auditioned for the corps de ballet. We still do ballet, there is one in the middle and one at the end in the cylinder area. The choreographer is Salvatore Lo Iacono […] We did well this audition, there are some new faces, I think we will please everyone who sees us. The casting is very active in the teams, they will be more updated teams on the issues of the moment. Some challenges, the historical ones, will perhaps be repeated with different names and different premises.”

Salvati then added that the part of the audition for Mother Nature happens without him being informed (“Mother Nature, I know they’re auditioning without my knowledge. I can’t tell you if anything was found or not”) , and then granted another small preview. Indeed, the new edition of Ciao Darwin will be much more comprehensive in its own way. Here is what he said on the subject:

“Under my pressure, and very well accepted by Paolo, at Ciao Darwin we usually had a male audience and a female audience. This year we introduce the rainbow sector. Because we have recognized not only the changing times, but also the difficulties of some men or women who did not feel like applause in their industry. Some men didn’t feel like applauding other men who came in because they were in some sort of man phase. The same happened for women. In this segment, everyone can applaud whoever they want.”