News star Lisa LaFlamme stops dying her hair: ‘I’m in shock’

News star Lisa LaFlamme stops dying her hair: ‘I’m in shock’

Fired for being on the air with gray hair. This could be the reason under the termination of the contract Lisa La Flame, the leading face of Canada’s premier television network. Shortly after Michael Melling took charge of CTV News, he popped questions about the reporter’s hair. According to a senior CTV official who was present at the meeting, The Globe and Mail reported, Mr Melling asked who approved the decision to turn Lisa’s hair gray. A problem that resurfaced one day in the studio when he noticed the woman’s hair turning a purple hue due to the lights on set. Then suddenly the expulsion from her role as host of CTV National News, one of the country’s most popular news programs. Lisa LaFlamme had worked for the network for 35 years, and her contract had just under two years left. In 2020, she received recognition from women across the country when she decided to stop dying her hair. “In the end I said, ‘Why bother? I’m going grey.’ Honestly, if I had known it could be that liberating, I would have done it a lot sooner,” he said during a year-end broadcast. The LaFlamme disaster sparked anger, confusion and speculation within CTV. Two employees at the company said they noticed tension between Mr Melling and Ms LaFlamme, so the gray hair episode could be an excuse.

Meanwhile on social media The reporter said goodbye to the audience with a video In it, she explains that on June 29, she was told that Bell Media, CTV’s parent company, had made a “business decision” to terminate her contract. “I was surprised and I’m still shocked and sad by Bell Media’s decision,” he said. “At 58 I still thought I had a lot more time to tell more stories that impact our daily lives […]”. For their part, however, CTv and director Melling argued that the break with LaFlamme was due to “corporate decisions” and “the change in viewer habits”, and are willing to offer the former host other forms of cooperation. However, Bell Media has announced the opening of an independent Inquiry into allegations of discrimination announced.


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