News from Ukraine: Heavy losses    Russian troops isolated

News from Ukraine: Heavy losses Russian troops isolated

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  • Created: 07/31/2022 13:26

    By: Jan-Frederik Wendt, Christian Stör


    Russia records heavy losses in the Ukraine war: the situation on the news ticker.

    • Less than five months after invading Ukraine, Russian forces are suffering heavy casualties.
    • Russia devises a new plan to compensate for losses in Ukraine’s war.
    • Editor’s Note: Some of the information about the conflict in Ukraine comes from warring factions and cannot be directly and independently verified.

    +++ 10:30 am: According to the latest Ukrainian army statistics on Russian casualties, 40,830 soldiers have already been killed. In addition, 223 military aircraft and 1,763 tanks were destroyed. An overview of the data:

    • Soldiers: 40,830
    • planes: 223
    • Helicopter: 190
    • Tank: 1763
    • Armored Combat Vehicles: 4004
    • Artillery systems: 916
    • Air defense systems: 117
    • Various rocket launcher systems: 259
    • Cars and other vehicles: 2902
    • ships: 15
    • Unmanned Combat Drones: 7353
    • As of Sunday, July 31, 2022
    • Information about Russia’s losses in the Ukrainian war comes from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. They cannot be independently verified. The Kremlin itself provides very little information about its own losses.

    Ukraine War News: Big Losses for Russia

    Update as of Sunday, July 31 at 6am: The Ukrainian military says it has killed dozens of Russian soldiers in fighting in the south, including in the Kherson region, which is the focus of Kiev’s counteroffensive in that part of the country and a key link to Moscow’s supply lines. Train service to Kherson across the Dnieper has been stopped, the southern military command announced on Saturday. This could further isolate Russian forces west of the river from supplies to occupied Crimea and the east. This information cannot be independently verified.

    Ukraine warRussian soldiers in southern Ukraine. (File photo) © Alexey Maishev / Imago Images

    First report for Saturday, July 30 at 4:30 pm: According to the Ukrainian military, Ukrainian paratroopers shot down a Russian nuclear-capable Su-25 fighter jet over the Donetsk region on Friday (July 29). This is reported by the Ukrainian news portal Kyiv Independent. The information cannot be independently verified. According to the Ukrainian General Staff, at least 222 Russian military planes have been shot down since the start of the war. Russia did not give any information about casualties in the war.

    On February 24, Russia launched a war of aggression against Ukraine.  The city of Chuhuiv was bombed on the first day of the war.  Helena, a 53-year-old teacher, is in front of a hospital.see photo gallery

    (cs/jfw with dpa/AFP)