New Zealand, they buy the suitcases from an online auction and inside they find the remains of two children

New Zealand, they buy the suitcases from an online auction and inside they find the remains of two children

in the New Zealand purchasing at an auction has turned into a macabre Discovery. A Manurewa family, south of Aucklandlast August 11 had bought one storage area in which there were Suitcase. In the case of the latter remains out two children. The local police inspector Tofilau Faamanuia Vaaelua, He said the victims likely aged between them between 5 and 10 years. Also, he added, the bodies could be stayed in baggage for a period between three and four years.

The police opened an investigation to the murder and Vaaelua promised it will be rigorous: “This includes specifying where, when and how.” The inspector also stressed that the Family had nothing to do with deaths and who had actually been appalled by the discovery. They had bought personal and household items at an online auction and then brought them home last week. Child identification procedures are ongoing and officials say the victims have family members lives in New Zealand.

Vaaelua explained that he had contact Interpol. “The investigative team is working hard to find who is responsible or responsible for the deaths of these children,” the inspector said. “No matter how many years you have served and investigated horrific cases like this, it is never an easy task. I myself am a parent of young children. but We have a job to do‘ concluded Vaaelua.

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