1672712273 New Years Eve TV fight Amadeus Panicucci who won the

New Year’s Eve, TV fight Amadeus Panicucci: who won the evening

New Years Eve TV fight Amadeus Panicucci who won the

amadeus wins the game against Federica Panicucci. In fact, Amadeus’s Coming Year wins the challenge with the New Year’s Eve of music led by the moderator of Mattino 5. The Coming Year has kept over 5 million users company, while 3 million viewers have chosen Canale Cinque. Rai Due and Rai Tre also did well, with The Aristocats and The Best of the Montecarlo Circus Festival.

I have an announcement to make: Amadeus, the reveal just minutes before New Year's Eve

Here is all the data Auditel recorded in prime time on Saturday 31 December 2022. Rai Uno – The Coming Year, broadcast from 21:36 to 1:45, was watched by 5,032,000 viewers with a 36.9% share; Canale 5 – New Year’s Eve in music, from 8:50 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., delighted 3,001,000 spectators (20.9%); Rai Due – The Aristocats was watched by 1,094,000 viewers (6.8%); Italia Uno – Mrs. Doubtfire – Mammo forever got 818,000 viewers (5.2%); Rai Tre – The Best of the Montecarlo Circus Festival counted a total of 1,286,000 spectators (8.1%); Rete 4 – Controcorrente reached 345,000 viewers (2.2%); The 7 – Sherlock convinced 201,000 people (1.4%). TV 8 – The Addams Family kept 311,000 viewers (2%), Nine – Robin Hood – The Legend with 168,000 viewers (1.1%).

What am I doing on New Year's Eve.  Iva Zanicchi without brakes: the revelation

And the result of the New Year’s Eve show was also determined by the data of the early evening band with prime time access: 4,994,000 viewers (31.6%) listened to the year-end message of the President of the Republic on Rai Uno; on Canale5 by 2,915,000 viewers (18.4%); on Rai2 by 625,000 viewers (3.9%); on Rai3 by 819,000 viewers (5.2%).