New winter storm threatens California    Directorio

New winter storm threatens California Directorio

A typical winter storm is approaching the Territory of California, United States of America and is expected to bring heavy rain. Also known as the golden state, this North American region will have several days without rain until the storm hits. There was plenty of rain in the weeks starting in 2023, but not in previous years.

Meteorologist Alondra Anaya reported that the winter system appears to be declining in strength, delivering intermittent light rain.

He also reported that the most complex part of the meteorological phenomenon occurred with its retreat beyond the Southern California zone.

The specialist said that the next climatic situation is approaching this weekend with a new cold storm.

Until then, the weather will remain dry, with some clouds, and the temperature will mark low records. The air in the city of Santa Ana is becoming more intense.

The National Weather Service forecast

The National Weather Service (NWS) expects another winter phenomenon to form next Monday, January 16 of this year.

The NWS is making sure this Saturday’s storm won’t be as powerful as the last California saw.

However, it will bring rainfall amounts up to an inch above the national average at the lowest points with accumulations.

The highest parts receive the most rainfall, with numbers between two and three inches.

The thermometers will show a lower temperature than that of the past storm and this will be estimated by the snow levels that will fall.

The expected accumulated cubic meters will be over 6,000 cubic meters on Saturday and 4,500 on Sunday morning.

Winter conditions are intensified on Sunday afternoon with a new weather system that will affect Monday and Tuesday of the coming week.