New TV channels have arrived, some moved and some deleted |    e is the list    ​​​​​​

New TV channels have arrived, some moved and some deleted | e is the list ​​​​​​

After the feared digital terrestrial shutdown, a lot has changed between national and local networks

Digital terrestrial shutdown has been a major topic for the past month. Whole families have experienced the fear of not being able to watch their favorite channels anymore due to the transition to a new way of receiving signals not compatible with older TV models.

It is precisely because of this fear that many have considered buying a new device or equipping it with suitable decoders, perhaps enjoying some Christmas discounts.

Well, the shutdown has arrived, but the results haven’t been that apocalyptic yet. In fact, it was a partial change: while the mode of reception has been changed for the full change of all channels, there is still a long way to wait. Rumors even assume that the real shutdown can only be completed in 2024.

The changing channels

Sure but The process was not without its impact on our televisions. Some channels have been moved in the last week, some have even been deleted, and still others have been added from scratch. Let’s get an overview of what has changed on our national and local TV in the last few days.

National Networks

First of all, Radio Radio TV was included among the national channels, which are visible throughout Italy. It was a Roman channel seen in plain text on the digital terrestrial number 253 hosted by the Persidera Mux 1 channel. Now it is possible to watch Radio Radio TV only within the borders of Lazio on the Mux Locale 2 channel, that is, on the digital terrestrial number LCN 96 . This is a transmitter broadcast live around the clock and can also be heard on the radio.

New TV channels have arrived some moved and some deleted.webp

More national changes at the Mux DFree channel, where the number 231 was renamed Primafree: the channel is nothing more than a duplicate of Primafree with the number LCN 170 in local networks, but unlike its clone, the channel is numbered 231 in HD. Music, local sports, information, talk shows with many hours of live coverage per month, now viewable in a quality never seen before.

Two new channels, on the other hand, will be added to Mux Cairo 2. The first is Welcome In, already visible from now on 226 digital terrestrial, also in this case we are talking about a channel that was only local before the change and had canceled a few weeks. On the other hand, Business24 will be visible on the digital terrestrial LCN 410. It is not yet clear what this new channel will be about, but according to the official website it will certainly be about news and sports.

local networks

In Sicily, four new channels have joined the Mux Locale 4 network: Oden24 at LCN 112, Canale 8 Sociale at LCN 186, Tele Anna at LCN 190 and La Grande Italia TV at LCN 254.

In Lazio, on the other hand, the RTR station on digital terrestrial channel 177 has been replaced by the new local station Le Cronache.


We always remind you that if the channels are not in the indicated position or are not visible or you are still having reception problems, You can solve the problem by enabling automatic channel search from the digital terrestrial menu. Wait a few minutes and all networks should appear in their positions.

If you don’t already have a decoder, we’ve also compiled a list of excellent devices that can help you make the switch to digital terrestrial transmission: