New spoiler of Il Paradiso delle Signore: Twist for the protagonist          ​​​​​​

New spoiler of Il Paradiso delle Signore: Twist for the protagonist ​​​​​​

Fascinating new preview in Ladies’ Paradise. It was one of the cast members who revealed a plot that will leave you breathless

Less and less is now missing the resumption of the brand new episodes en Ladies paradise. The highly-anticipated seventh season was set to continue during the usual daytime afternoon 12th September next.

The ladies' paradise, the delight of Venus in the mall (Instagram photo).Ladies’ Paradise, The Delight Of Venus In The Mall (Instagram Photo)

The many fans of the soap opera by Rai Uno You can’t wait to witness the new plots, plots and intrigue the writers have prepared for the new season. Meanwhile the progress for the ladies paradise 7.

He escaped in the last few hours an intriguing new spoiler. A revelation came from one of the soap opera’s protagonists, a character who will surely be the protagonist of a complicated and sentimental story.

The actress who plays Flora Ravasi reveals everything: What will become of her character?

In this case, it was the actress who spoiled some information about the new season of Il Paradiso delle Signore Lucretia Massari. The general public knows this best Flora Ravasi. MassariLucrezia Massara (Instagram)

The young woman, as mentioned, interprets flora, talented designer collaborating with the Milan department store. In last season’s finale, the amorous spark broke out between her and the Commendatore Umberto GuarnieriDespite the big age difference.

A story that will surely drive insane the former companion of the Commendatore or the perfides Countess Adelaide. Some beautiful ones will be seen, as Lucrezia Massari expects these days: “The Countess will hate Flora for stealing the man of her life. The designer will also take a few too many liberties. With whom or for what remains to be seen.”

A spoiler only hinted at Massari’s character as Flora Ravasi. But it certainly confirmed how the love triangle The fact that she acts in “The Paradise of Ladies” will certainly be one of the central points of the new season.

Many the interpretations from fans just about on the story between Guarnieri and Ravasi. Some speak of the Commendatore’s true feelings, others rely on the businessman’s strategy to prevent the girl from investigating her father’s death.