New global actress?  Former BBB Natália Deodato Makes an Unusual Revelation, Celebrating: “Victorious!”  MetropolitanFM  MetropolitanFM

New global actress? Former BBB Natália Deodato Makes an Unusual Revelation, Celebrating: “Victorious!” MetropolitanFM MetropolitanFM

How much joy! Former BBB Natália Deodato celebrated another success by announcing that she had just recorded her first series for a Grupo Globo channel. The model was selected to participate ‘Aqui Next Door Neighbors’a production that will delight viewers and will be screened by Canal Brasil in 2023.

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“It was my first appearance on a Globo channel set. I did a cameo, brief, but very meaningful to me. I was very happy, very emotional, it was very satisfying. “It used to be my dream to be included in ‘Malhação’. When I was little, I always said: “When I grow up, I’ll do malhação”. It’s always been a dream of mine to be an actress, and as a black woman, I don’t want to play just someone living in a difficult situation, I want to play a victorious woman, you know?” she explained in an interview with Gshow.

Proud of everything that has happened in her life, the muse celebrated her new achievement. “A woman who has overcome her challenges, who has managed to overcome her challenges. If it is up to me, what is in my power, I will do it. I leave the rest to the universe to provide.”

Former BBB Natália cries as she vents about the agency that hacked her phone

This Thursday afternoon (28), Natália Deodato used her Instagram stories to vent after terminating a contract with a marketing agency. The model hired the team at the time when she was limited to the ‘Big Brother Brazil 22’.

“My number was hacked, they just blocked it. My number was given to me by the agency because I left the BBB blank and they gave me a chip with a current plan and that was what was on my whatsapp. So to all my contractors, people who are negotiating, people who are speaking to me, I am asking you not to continue the conversations because I no longer have this number. They canceled my line at 11 am and now I’m out of Whatsapp too. They hacked it, only it has twofactor verification and requires the password. But I think they managed to open it and will try to contact people,” he revealed.

“I’m saying this because I’ve been hurt a lot the entire time I’ve been attending the BBB, mainly by the team. R$100,000 by the same guy. There was a lot of content that sadly doesn’t make it from the couch to the audience , there were queues, absences, a lot of things, conversations that were not passed on about the cuts, only on payperview, and my team from the beginning of the program never did any positioning on the networks, ”concluded the ex BBB.

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