New corona vaccine should also help against colds

New corona vaccine should also help against colds

British scientists are working on a new corona virus vaccine. This should also protect against a cold.

A new breakthrough in vaccine research could kill two birds with one stone. Scientists in Britain may have developed a vaccine that not only helps against corona but also against a cold.

WHO calls for more vaccines

The WHO recently called for the development of new vaccines to combat the pandemic. The British team led by immunologist George Kassiotis of the Francis Crick Institute followed that call and has already announced early successes.

Although the vaccine has only been tested in mice so far, it is already understood that the vaccine would contain the spread of the virus more than vaccines already available.

Infectologist Peter Kremsner, from the University Hospital of Tübingen, sees real potential in the British research. Kremsner does not yet dare to predict when and if the vaccination will also be used in humans. In an interview with Ö1, he says: “Clinical studies should finally show whether this really works in humans.”

The researchers’ uncertainty is based on the fact that corona variants differ greatly from each other. That’s why people get cold more often and also get infected with different corona viruses.

The researchers tried to solve this challenge by creating an S2 spike protein. This differs only marginally from corona viruses. Kremsner said: “This S2 area is still pretty much untouched at the moment – so it’s probably changed less so far.”

The scientists transparently state in the paper that the new vaccine would not protect against infection. However, vaccination would mean that the person would be better prepared for future illnesses and that a mild course would be almost certain.

However, the next step in the research will likely be an omicron-adapted vaccine. But it may take some time for that to happen. “Once we have this vaccine, I would advise everyone to actually get vaccinated with it,” Kremsner said.

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