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New attack in Jerusalem, Israel raises alarm ANSA News

Less than 14 hours later, Jerusalem is again attacked by terrorist attacks. A 13-year-old Palestinian man opened fire on a group of Israelis on a street near the Western Wall in the mixed neighborhood of Silwan, injuring two of them, a father and son, on Shabbat. Israel has increased the state of alert across the country, with further operations by West Bank forces (3 battalions) and the garrison of police in public places in the country. “Our response – said Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu at the opening of the Defense Council meeting in Tel Aviv – will be strong, swift and precise.” new regulations. “We don’t want escalations,” he concluded, “but we are ready for any new scenario.” Also under discussion are an extension of the licenses to carry weapons and tougher action against the families and friends of terrorists. This morning’s assassin, according to Kan TV, is named Muhammad Aliyat, is originally from Silwan and, according to a police reconstruction and as seen in a surveillance camera video posted on social media, was waiting hidden between the cars for a A group of Israelis arrived on a street in the neighborhood over. Then he cocked his pistol and opened fire. The group broke up, then the reaction of the two Israelis – including one of the wounded, who is an off-duty soldier – shot the perpetrator of the attack. He is now being implanted in the hospital. The new attack in response to the Israeli raid in Jenin, which killed 9 Palestinians, has added to the tension still high after last night’s Palestinian attack at the start of Shabbat, which twice killed seven Israelis near a Synagogues were decimated in Neve Yaacov, an Orthodox neighborhood northeast of Jerusalem. Also among the casualties was a married couple, Eli and Natalie Mizrahi, who took to the streets to help the first wounded, unaware that the bomber was still operational. One of those killed – as announced by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy – is a Ukrainian living in Israel for work. And there is also a 14 year old. The bomb attack sparked international outrage.

Moscow urged the parties to “maximum restraint” while the EU, which described itself as “shocked by the attack”, citing Israel’s operations in the West Bank, stressed that “deadly force must only be used as a last resort if it is.” is absolutely unavoidable to protect lives”. In the hours after last night’s attack, police arrested 42 people, all residents of the a-Tur neighborhood in East Jerusalem, where the attacker Alkam Khairi (21 years old) was from. Among those arrested were relatives of the latter.The double attack in Jerusalem was justified by Hamas and jihad with the events in Jenin in the West Bank, where nine Palestinians were killed in armed clashes during an anti-terrorist operation by the army, the Palestinian leadership of Abu Mazen also accused Israel of “full responsibility for the dangerous escalation on the ground” and said it will continue “implement the decisions made,” including ending security coordination with the Jewish state. Then, also in view of the arrival of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in the region earlier in the week, he warned “the occupation government not to continue this course of action, which will lead to a further deterioration that threatens the security of the entire region”. . Israeli President Isaac Herzog has urged his citizens “beyond dissent” to “maintain unity,” and protests against the Netanyahu government’s judicial reforms in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beer Sheva and even Jerusalem have been marked by a “minute of silence.” Commemoration of the victims of the attacks opened.