"Never been a professional politician".  Amato surreal what he said on TV

"Never been a professional politician". Amato surreal what he said on TV

A life in politics. In left-wing parties and institutions, at the highest level and in the most prestigious places. Member of Parliament, Senator, Minister several times, President of the Council and most recently President of the Constitutional Court: Julian Amato it was all of that. But today, the sufferer affirms that it never was a politican by profession. And the decades in Parliament? Wow, how time flies: The 84-year-old ex-minister and ex-prime minister must not have noticed. Unlike the Italians who still remember that forced retreat from current accounts created during the Amato government in 1992.

Amato: “I was never a professional politician”

The constitutional lawyer commented today on La7 with a certain distance to the struggles of the current politicians. And that’s exactly how he triggered his own surreal observation. “I was never a professional politician. I remember entering Parliament in 1983 with this thought: after years of studying these things from the outside, I went to see what they were like from the inside. never changed this attitude“, he said to L’Aria che tira. In reality, the Turin lawyer made more than an observation tour in the button rooms where he stayed for years. From that distant 1983 on.

Giuliano Amato’s political curriculum

Growing up politically in the Socialist Party, Amato deputy from 1983 to 1994 at Psi, then – at L’Ulivo – senator from 2001 to 2006 and again Member of Parliament from 2006 to 2008. He was Secretary of the Council of Ministers (in the Craxi I and Craxi II governments, 1983-1987), Vice-President of the Council (1987-1988) and minister of the Treasury (1987-1989). He was Prime Minister (Amato I government, 1992–1993), President of Agcm (1994–1997), Minister for Institutional Reform (1998–1999), Minister of Finance again (1999–2000) and again premier (Government of Amato II, 2000-2001). Most recently Interior Minister (in the Prodi II government, 2006-2008). The question arises: To what extent was the respected professor “never a professional politician”?

Formation in the “old parties”

Furthermore, Amato has also disagreed on this observation. “I was part of the political class and now I feel a little distant from it for reasons… Because they led a slightly different life than I did,” explained the President Emeritus of the Constitutional Court at the time: “I was a little grown up in the old partieswho used to take care of them collective business… We learned a lot and when we arrived in Parliament we had this preparation inside. Today, however, they learn in Parliament.” Not exactly the approach of someone who could be described as a political outsider.