Netizens present evidence of ‘alleged’ cheating that took place in The Academy finale    publinews

Netizens present evidence of ‘alleged’ cheating that took place in The Academy finale publinews

The users of the social network were not satisfied with the end result, assuring that there was a “black hand”.

After a little over two months The Academy The year 2022 came to an end last weekend. Amid nervousness and emotion, the reality show’s host, jahir revealed the winner’s name.

caesiarepresentative of Honduras became the overall winner of the project Aztec television. Although many celebrated this triumph, there were some who were not satisfied and expressed their dissatisfaction, assuring that the reality show’s production was a scam.

Are they coming out of the closet? Academy students were having an affair

In the final minutes of the final, when it was announced where the academicians had been, the nonconformity of those present could be heard. The most intense moment was when they announced it seaone of the favorites to win, had been in third place.

“No, no, no, scam, scam, scam,” shouted the members of the Ecuadorian fan club from that moment on, and even after the show ended. This claim was also joined by social networks after the producer Laura Suarezdedicated a message to him caesia to congratulate her on her victory.

The Academy

“Tonight my beautiful Cesia reached the iconic number she was looking for so much and tonight she got it for love,” the post begins.

He also added: “Bravo Cesiahow great you are and will be, your strength has always distinguished you at the academy, love you always.”

After the release, several fans of the show pointed out favoritism and questioned the legitimacy of the number one spot cessia

Not everything was bad for the student at the academy

They also asserted that if he never managed to get in touch with the public, they wouldn’t understand how he got so many votes. But not all comments were negative, there were also those that highlighted the Honduran’s impeccable work during the final.

Also, it should be noted that his presentation earned him excellent reviews from the jury.

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