Netinho has canceled a show for supporting antidemocratic acts

Netinho has canceled a show for supporting antidemocratic acts

Singer Netinho canceled a show scheduled for January 28 in Aracaju for supporting antidemocratic actions. The information comes from the ‘Come get me Hebe’ profile. The motivation came after the artist posted on his social media, in which he “encouraged hunters, gunners and gun collectors to join the coup acts that devastated the Three Powers headquarters in Brasília earlier this month.

According to the publication, the Aracaju Yacht Club, which was responsible for hiring Netinho’s presentation, stated that “it neither condones nor supports antidemocratic acts and will never allow any action of this kind within its institution.” The post that led to the termination of the contract has already been deleted from Netinho’s account. In his place, the party is led by singer Tatau, former lead singer of Banda Araketu.

Netinho, a supporter of Jair Bolsonaro, ran for the Liberal Party (PL) in the 2022 election, just like the former president, as a federal MP. However, he did not receive enough votes to be elected and remains in place as a proxy in the event that a party leader leaves the federal seat.

His Instagram profile contains several pictures of vandals invading the federal capital, as well as texts calling on supporters to take part in antidemocratic actions. Even at Christmas, the singer left his family aside to celebrate the date at a camp of Bolsonarians set up in front of the door of the army barracks in Salvador.

ExBanda Beijo reveals trick he picked up from Netinho: ‘I was innocent’

Dera Barbosa, former lead singer of the extinct Banda Beijo, spoke to the column to share details about his behindthescenes departure from the group, which happened at the height of their success when the hit song “Beijo na Boca” was playing on all radio stations in the country. The singer reveals that was kicked by Netinho, with whom he shared vocals two days before the group made its first appearance on the main television shows in Rio and São Paulo, led by the likes of Faustão, Xuxa and Gugu Liberato. Dera and the third singer were passed over and Netinho traveled solo to perform throughout Brazil.

“When I got to the studio two days before the trip, where I would have the last meeting before the trip, I didn’t even go in. When I arrived the whole band left with their heads down. I looked at the guitarist who was my best friend after Netinho and asked what was going on. He told me “I don’t know, it looks like there are people who won’t travel”. And then the director there called me and asked me to go for a walk with him because he needed to talk to me. Marquinhos (third singer) also did not attend the meeting because he went to Itabuna to leave money for his wife and son. So the meeting was just with Netinho and the band,” he says.

Already in the car with the director, driving through the streets of Salvador, the world of Dera Barbosa, who is currently a gospel singer, collapsed. “The director told me that Netinho thought the band just had to have one singer, like Paralamas. I said: “But I don’t understand why I won’t travel”. And I think the director regretted it because he said to me, ‘I don’t agree, I don’t want to take the blame. Let her tell you,’” she recalled.

The former singer revealed that Banda Beijo’s first presentation on Globo’s ‘Domingão’ was a lie from start to finish: “Netinho came out when Faustão sang with two backing singers that they lied and did something very serious and that would be a court case where one of the backing singers dubbed my voice on stage. They recorded a song with my voice and she dubbed it and pretended it was me. At that time I was naive, I had no idea of ​​the seriousness of what was happening. They took advantage of my innocence. The woman lies because she has never sung with Netinho, it’s the first time. They took the emergency backs because they got me and Marquinhos out. But here in Bahia, everyone knew that was a big lie.”

When asked if she even stood up for her rights in court, she says no and remembers that her “innocence” was a real handicap to her at the time. “I didn’t take it to court for fear of a radio ban as the Beijo bloc had money and I had nothing. We signed the contract with Bloco Beijo (same band owners), they took the signatures and didn’t return our copy. Unfortunately, due to my naivety, I did not pursue my rights.”