Netherlands intercepts Russian fighter jets coming from Poland

Netherlands intercepts Russian fighter jets coming from Poland

Updated on 02/14/2023 4:36 pm

  • Two Dutch fighter jets intercepted three Russian military planes approaching NATO territory.
  • The announcement was made by the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

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According to the Dutch Defense Ministry, two Dutch F-35 fighter jets intercepted three Russian military aircraft from Poland. The initially unknown planes approached the Polish NATO area of ​​Kaliningrad. Dutch F-35s were then airborne to identify and escort the formation.

“Upon identification, it turned out that there were three aircraft: a Russian IL-20M Coot-A, accompanied by two SU-27 flankers,” the Dutch Ministry of Defense said late on Monday. The F-35 would have escorted the formation out of the area and then handed over the escort to NATO partners – which is unknown.

German Air Force: “Recognized” Russian formation of Eurofighters over the Baltic Sea

However, the German Air Force announced that Eurofighters had reconnoitred a Russian IL-20 Coot-A and two SU-27 flankers “in international airspace over the Baltic Sea” as part of the “Baltic Air Policing Reinforcement” ” (VAPB).

“All three aircraft were flying without transponder transmission and without a flight plan,” he said. Five Luftwaffe Eurofighters are stationed at Ämari airfield in Estonia to protect NATO airspace over the Baltic States.

As far as the Russian war of aggression is concerned, this is “a visible and valuable contribution to NATO’s deterrence and security measures”, the German Ministry of Defense said last July. “We are showing that we are reliably standing with our eastern allies who are particularly at risk.”

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Dutch F-35s on hold in Poland

Eight Dutch F-35s were stationed in Poland in February and March, according to the Dutch Defense Ministry. “Four of these fighters are available at Malbork Air Base to protect NATO airspace in Eastern Europe.” Two F-35s could take off “in minutes” to intercept foreign aircraft. “It is the case, for example, when an aircraft approaches NATO airspace without identifying itself.”

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The other four fighters are used for an “allied training program”. “Of course, they can also be used immediately if the situation calls for it.”

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