Netflix’s NEW HORROR ANIME for everyone to watch  Streaming Brasil

Netflix’s NEW HORROR ANIME for everyone to watch Streaming Brasil

The horror genre is very present in Japanese culture, but there have been few anime and manga that have shaped the world in this style. With the exception of Junji Ito, of course. Since the mangaka has been revered as a genius for nearly 30 years, some of his stories from physical horror to psychological and beyond are smash hits. In that sense, the anime series “Macabre stories from Japan” comes around Netflix Adaptation of 20 of his works.

The short story writer was initially interested in drawing and inventing stories as a young boy, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that he started creating his own manga as a hobby. Soon after, in 1987, the dental technician sent a short story later known and celebrated as “Tomie“ for the magazine kkan halloween, which was highly rated. That’s where the successes came from.”Uzumaki“(1998), “gju’ (2001) and up to his ‘Frankenstein“(1994).

Just as Stephen King is considered a master of literary terror (books), the 59yearold mangaka is a reference in the world of manga and comics. However, like the American author, Junji Ito has had his fair share of adaptations mostly through live action that have not done justice to the original works. As it’s difficult to reproduce its style and wit with horror on the sides that tend to focus on more mundane aspects.

However, what can fans expect from this new anthology anime series? Macabre stories from Japanare Netflix? To find out, come out with us Stream Brazilto learn all about it!

What is it Macabre Stories of Japan from Netflix?

In fact, the most successful manga are quickly turned into anime. However, the latest series Junji Ito: Macabre Tales from Japan are Netflix It is the author’s second. And just like inJunji Ito Collection” from crispy roll (2018), which is also from Studio DEEN, the anthology consists of 12 episodes. This time based on 20 short stories from the “Masterpiece Collection“, “A study from the abyss of horror” it’s from “Fragments of Terror“.

In short, with an average length of 20 minutes each, some of the 12 episodes have two short stories of around 10 minutes. Therefore, check below the order of the 20 stories selected at the time:

  • The Strange Hikizuri Brothers (24m);
  • The history of the tunnel mysterious and also ice cream truck (25m);
  • balloons in the air (25m);
  • Four x four walls and hideout (24m);
  • intruder and Long hair in the attic (24m);
  • Mold and See in the library (24m);
  • City of Tombs (24m);
  • layers of terror and what the sea brought (25m);
  • Tomie’s photo (24m);
  • unbearable maze and teasing (25m);
  • alley and headless statue (24m);
  • woman who whispers and also domestic animal (24m).
  • Quiet, Junji Ito: Macabre Tales from Japan has dubbing in Brazilian Portuguese from the studio MGE. In particular, directed by Felipe Drummond, translated by Renan Scorza and edited by Gabriella Bizerril. But of course there are the original and English audio options (with subtitles) for all tastes!

    future series in anime out Ozumaki

    Also curious about those fans who still haven’t hung up their “hats” after the premiere of Junji Ito: Macabre Tales from Japan at Netflix, we have great news. for the Swimming for adults and the Production IG (ghost in the shell and psychopass) produce an anime adaptation in black and white (!) of the already classic Uzumaki.

    Currently, the miniseries is expected to premiere in 2023, but the 4episode project has already been delayed four times since 2019. While certain fans believe that shifts guarantee the quality of the product. But there are others who remain hopeless. Regardless of the outcome, it’s safe to say that this was promising.

    “Their narratives have been adjusted many times over the years and so far none of them have been accurate. […] Unfortunately, the new Netflix series doesn’t quite live up to the original stories either. Still, the anime isn’t bad, but it’s definitely missing some key elements that make Ito’s work his own.” Macabre stories from Japan.

    about slash

    You manga and collections in Junji Ito officers one Brazil

    Although Ito’s works have been internationally successful since the 1990s, they finally came to Brazil many years later since 2016.

    therefore, the Dark sidea Popcorn & Nanjing and the Will have brought more and more unique volumes and beautiful collections for collectors. This means that the three publishers already have 10 publications (with P&N after 10 more have already been announced for 2023). So, see below the current catalog of Junji Ito in Brazil:

    • The classroom that melted P&N;
    • Souichi’s selfcentered curses P&N;
    • chills P&N;
    • Mimi’s horror stories Dark side;
    • Yon & Mu Cat Diary JBC;
    • Fragments of Terror Dark side;
    • Frankenstein P&N;
    • gyo Will;
    • sensor P&N;
    • Tomie Vol 1 and volume two P&N;
    • Uzumaki Will;
    • Invisible Venus Will.

    “Junji Ito takes comic horror to a new level with his unusual and always surprising stories. And their stories have a refreshing originality,” said Paulo Roberto da Silva Jr., the editorial director of Publisher Devir.

    about omelet

    “Quite simply, none of Ito’s works has subpar graphics and writing. […] And the most interesting thing is that the author takes an interest in the situations themselves, without bothering to explain things. In other words, these are stories that captivate a large part of the audience in general through the horror of very simple premises and focus on everyday life that lead to absurd levels of tension,” says Bruno Zago, from Popcorn & Nanjing.

    Where to click to arrive on Thursday and catch the premiere of Junji Ito: Macabre Stories from Japan @NetflixBrasil? 🔥 I’ve read Mimi’s Horror Tales and Fragments of Horror but I’m still thirsty. And you? 💀

    — DarkSide® (@DarkSideBooks) January 16, 2023

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