Netflix What will change in 2023 in terms of account

Netflix: What will change in 2023 in terms of account sharing Once upon a time

This is bad news for some Netflix users. Indeed, the streaming platform revised its account sharing policy. She remembers to make it worthwhile. We explain everything to you in the following lines.

Netflix: The End of Account Sharing

With 2023 just beginning, Netflix is ​​planning to make some changes. Actually the platform Consider blocking account sharing between friends. And for financial reasons.

Netflix account sharing was previously available through premium plans. However, as said Ted Sarandos, co-director of the platformthat’s going to change.

In the near future, Streamers can no longer access content be broadcast with a single account on the platform. They need to pay or open an account if they want to keep streaming.

“Make no mistake, I don’t think consumers appreciate that from the start,” says Ted Sarandos.

There are several reasons why Netflix made this decision. reasons, the majority are financial. You may not know it, but the platform encountered various difficulties in 2022.

She saw her subscriber count drop significantly and realized she was losing a lot of money. For all these reasons, Netflix decided to do it Account Sharing Fee. Whose goal? Fix the great lack that has eluded him for so many years.

For information the platform lost nearly $9 billion because of account sharing. An oh-so-important number that shows just how problematic this practice is. Note that more than half of Netflix subscribers use account sharing to stream.

Netflix Account Sharing Information

Netflix account sharing has started be successful from 2007. Back then it was more accessible. There was no limit to the number of streamers who could use the same account.

Then, over the years, Netflix made some changes to its policy. In 2013, he began limiting the number of streamers on one account. Three years later, he introduced subscription plans. These subscription plans allowed subscribers to stream on different devices at the same time.

Note that account sharing can always be done on the platform. It’s just not legal anymore. Those who risk using it can be fined. You can in particular see her subscription canceled.

“All content viewed through the platform is for personal, non-commercial use only and should not be shared with anyone outside of your household,” reads the official Netflix page.

Otherwise, The platform has worked out various plans in recent years to increase its revenues. Notably, it has increased the price of its subscription and built-in ads.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be insufficient. Since many subscribers preferred to end their contract, the platform had a hard time. His cash inflows have plummeted, prompting him to resort to abolishing account sharing.

Will this solution bear fruit? Only the future will tell us. One thing is for sure, if Netflix wins this bet, it’s sticking with it to the best streaming platforms. And for many more years.

Eliminate unauthorized shipments

To detect account sharing and combat unauthorized distribution, Netflix has several options. We quote them for you:

location analysis

Location-based technologies enable Netflix to do this Track the different devices connecting to the service. If multiple devices in different locations try to access a single account, Netflix will be warned.

usage tracking

In addition to geolocation, Netflix also has Usage Tracking Technologies. These tracking technologies make it possible to monitor the behavior of subscribers and their viewing history. A report is generated when the tracked account violates the platform’s policies.

identity verification

In some cases, Netflix will ask for confirmation of their identity. If the user cannot provide proof at this point, the platform concludes that this is a transfer. There he can penalize the account and cancel its subscription.

Source: RTL