quotNeed psychological helpquotsays Lexas mother about MC Guimes mother

"Need psychological help"says Lexa’s mother about MC Guimê’s mother

09/26/2023 10:01 p.m., updated 09/26/2023 10:01 p.m

It’s one thing after another! After the column found out that Darlin Ferrattry, Lexa’s mother, will be filing a lawsuit against MC Guimê’s mother, Mariah Cristina, for accusing her exdaughterinlaw of cheating, the matriarch had an exclusive conversation with the column: “She needs psychological Help,” he said, referring to the funk player’s mother.

“I’ve never met her. And I honestly think she needs psychological help. “This lady should stop attacking my daughter,” he stressed, referring to the statement of his daughter’s exmotherinlaw, who cited a twoyear affair with one of her dancers, Gabriel Felinto.

Ferratry asked why she exposed the artist since she is separated and moving on with her life: “Isn’t everything Lexa has been through enough? It’s a shame that there is so much slander. Lexa is so happy and full of life with her new life!”

Mariah Cristina’s statement came in response to a fan’s comment online: “Don’t compare [o término deles com o de outra pessoa]because Lexa is dating the dancer [Gabriel Felinto] two years ago”.

She also highlighted her speech on the SBT program Fofocalizando. “The line was already moving, this is the back. It made him feel guilty. Wearing and wearing horns for almost two years. “I just didn’t understand the drama of the victim after BBB 23. She’s more fake than a R$3 bill,” he added, referring to his exdaughterinlaw’s “memory loss” after the singer was eliminated from the Globo reality show. for harassing Dania Mendez.

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Understand the mothers’ nonsense:

Darlin sent an audio signal to the same attraction on Silvio Santos’ channel and commented on Mariah’s statements about her daughter: “I would like to sincerely ask you to respect my daughter, to stop attacking Lexa, to stop disclosing things in her head , which she invents in her head. Isn’t everything my daughter had to go through enough? Is this serious?”

Ferrattry continued, recalling that he had always “bought the fight” with Guimê and supported him in all situations: “It’s a shame, it’s really a shame, so much defamation, and then I have her son in the past defended so much. “I wonder how far this goes.”

And he concluded, revealing that Lexa has already gotten over the whole reveal. “I think it’s important for me to make it very clear that Lexa is happy and that I haven’t seen Lexa in a long time as happy, vibrant, optimistic, a confident woman and in control of herself I have seen such a woman, so happy, and that is what I want to continue to see in her eyes, that youthfulness, that is what I want, and as for the sadness, that is already behind us “, locksmith.