NBA All Star Game Was Charles Barkley Drunk on Air

NBA All-Star Game: Was Charles Barkley Drunk on Air?

Former NBA player Charles Barkley raised many doubts about his general condition during the broadcast of the League All-Star game presented in Salt Lake City on Sunday evening, especially alongside his ex-rival Shaquille O’Neal.

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An exchange broadcast on the airwaves of the TNT channel during the repechage, in which the composition of the teams present was determined, therefore raised some questions. Unconvinced by the quality of his counterpart’s responses and the clipped tone of his responses, O’Neal expressed his feelings for the past glory of the Phoenix Suns, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Houston Rockets.

“Why do you look drunk? Are you alright?” “Shaq” accused.

The latter repeated his remarks after Barkley mentioned technical problems to explain his difficulty finding the right words.

“No, it’s not the microphone, it’s you. So what are you drinking?” added O’Neal, who was part of a group of co-hosts asked to share their impressions ahead of the classic.

Also, Barkley doesn’t seem to like the state of Utah’s law prohibiting the consumption of alcohol, as he revealed on TV.

“These people are going to heaven. There is nothing to do in this boring city. It’s a great city, but you can’t smoke or drink,” he said, among other things.

On that particular point, O’Neal agreed with his pal, admitting he had “several room services” during his stay. “I’ve never eaten so much in a hotel,” he said.