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Natyf TV: varied program with a focus on the French-speaking world – Le Journal de Québec

Hot current topics, social taboos, food, music and travel are on the program of Natyf TV, a channel focused on diversity in the French-speaking world that has just been added to the basic package of cable distributors in Quebec.

After receiving approval from the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to integrate the basic package of television distribution partners in the province, Natyf TV launched its channel’s programming on September 18.

Didier Lucien is also one of the well-known faces of this show, who we will see in the series Pure laine, where he plays a Haitian immigrant who wants to adopt a Chinese baby with his Gaspésie partner.

Kevin Calixte, producer, host and businessman behind Natyf TV, will continue his work at the helm of The Keke Show; A talk show that reports on current events in French-speaking countries with bite and confidence. According to the person who gives the show its nickname, its inclusion in the basic package is a major step forward for Quebec’s French-speaking community.

“It was important for us to have access to the same privileges and opportunities as others [chaînes] » he says happily, adding that the next step is to set up a Natyf TV streaming platform.

“The Keke Show can be seen by tens of thousands of people here, but when it is rebroadcast in Europe and Africa, it could be several hundred thousand,” the producer noted. “We have something really powerful that connects local issues with international issues, with Quebec as a reference point; You just have to do things in the right order. »

Carmina, columnist for Natyf TV.

Kevin Calixte and his great friend Cyrano. Jordan photo

French-language music of all styles is also the focus of Natyf TV’s offering. The hip-hop break will be hosted by Cyrano, DJ Crowd and Carmina, three intellectuals of this musical genre, while we will also promote gospel in the 100% gospel segments.

The gastronomic offerings from French-speaking countries as well as the innovative ideas of young entrepreneurs from all walks of life in the province also find their place in Natyf TV’s television offering.

The Natyf television channel will officially go on air around November with the basic package, at no additional cost to consumers.