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Natural Disaster Warning: Italy is the most vulnerable country in Europe BioPlanet

Europe is sounding the alarm about natural disasters: Italy is one of the countries most affected and most at risk. The worrying report

Climate change will certainly have had an impact, although it is not known exactly by how much and in what way, but a worrying report is coming out of Europe, particularly on our continent, about the state of health of our planet. more and more vulnerable.

Vulnerability one keyword: a potentially very serious natural event, is not classified as a natural disaster if it occurs in areas with no vulnerable population. In fact, an earthquake in a desert causes no human damage and very little material damage, and therefore does not fall under the classification of environmental disasters. The problem is that densely populated Europe is exposed to both man-made, and therefore environmental, disasters and natural disasters.

vulnerability is one of the three risk components are considered in disaster management along with hazards and exposure. While manipulating hazards and reducing exposure is often impractical and costly, vulnerability can be influenced through policies and other structural and non-structural measures. The current report focuses on a cross-sectional indicator to measure vulnerability independent of risk at the European Union level.

Italy is hardest hit by natural disasters: the reason

The indicator consists of four dimensions (social, economic, political and environmental) and aims to capture the systemic vulnerability of the EU at different levels of government. The highlighted sample covers a 30-year period, including annual observations from 2005 to 2035, using both observed values ​​and forecasts. “We use this data to identify trends in the country’s vulnerability over time,” explains DRMKC, the knowledge center for disaster risk management and the author of the report, identifying four main clusters.”

Italy is prone to natural disastersBad stats for Italy – Oltreradio.it

In Italy in particular, the analysis is a little despairing. Actually our country Along with Bulgaria, Romania and Greece, it is among the most vulnerable countries, classified as highly vulnerable countries, stable over time. The complicating factor in this far from idyllic situation is the fact that although Bulgaria, Romania and Greece have shown slight improvements, we remain stable.

From general to particular Of greatest concern is Calabria, the region that is even more at risk across Europe, due to Reggio Calabria and the province. If we look around, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Cyprus and Ireland and the United Kingdom are at medium risk (but the trend is not positive). As expected, the Scandinavian countries are doing better, but also Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Iceland, all with low susceptibility.