NATO: Sweden agrees to extradite man to Turkey

NATO: Sweden agrees to extradite man to Turkey

NATO: Sweden agrees to extradite man to Turkey×NATO: Sweden agrees to extradite man to Turkey


Sweden announced this Thursday (11) that it will extradite a person to Turkey for the first time since Ankara asked Stockholm to extradite a number of suspected ‘terrorists’, in a mess that marked the start of the accession process of Sweden and Finland blocked to NATO.

The extradited is a Turkish citizen over 30 years old, who has been imprisoned in Sweden since last year. he off Convicted of fraud in Turkey in 2013 and 2016.

The Swedish Justice Minister Morgan Johansson told the Portal news agency.

“The Supreme Court [sueca] has reviewed the matter as usual and has concluded that there are no grounds for extradition,” Johansson said.

He She did not want to say whether the extradited person was on the list of more than 70 suspected terrorists.

Turkey accuses Sweden and Finland of granting asylum to “terrorists”. Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)a separatist movement consisting of Kurds, an ethnic minority persecuted by the Recep Erdogan regime (photo).

O The PKK is recognized as a terrorist organization by the EU, US and UK, but there is no evidence that all suspected terrorists requested by Turkey are terrorists or linked to the party.

The Swedish television station SVT, which was the first to report on the extradition, said this before the Minister of Justice announced the extradited declared himself to be the Kurdish ascendant.

Sweden and Finland join NATO

This diplomatic standoff on extradition was Turkey’s official justification for about a month until the end of June. Beginning of the NATO accession process of Sweden and Finland.

The Nordic duo, both with a history of neutrality, Expressed interest in participating in military alliance in Maywith the advance of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began in February this year.

Turkey signed on June 28 an agreement to support the accession of Sweden and Finland to the military alliance.

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