Natalia Titova, the sad confession about the disease: "I wanted to finish when…"    ARLEX

Natalia Titova, the sad confession about the disease: "I wanted to finish when…" ARLEX

Natalia Titova was a great dancer from Dancing with the Stars. But what disease do you suffer from?

Natalia Titova spent the last few holidays cheering on the Azzurri at the European Swimming Championships in Rome.

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But what sad confession are we talking about?

Natalia Titova revealed her illness, that’s it

Natalia Titova started dancing at an early age, cultivated her passion with great commitment and took part in many international competitions. She won the UK Rising Star Prof and was a finalist at the Worlds Masters in Innsbruck. In 2005 she appeared in Dancing with the Stars in the role of the teacher. The following year he took part in the musical Saturday Night Fever with his partner Simone Di Pasquale.

In 2007 she was the protagonist of the theater show: Tanto amore e… Between 2007 and 2013 she took part in Radio Pico Estate Live and in the Barocco Award. However, in 2009 he triumphed in Dancing with the Stars in competition with Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia. From that year until 2019 she was the director of the dance school Dance Lab Studio.

She also performed Friends of Maria De Filippi from 2015 to 2020 as a Latin American dance teacher. After all, she was a guest at La pupa e il secchione last year. Natalia is a very sunny TV personality who has taken her incredible expertise with her wherever she goes. Thanks to his job, he found love in the person of Massimiliano Rosolino, a former rival of Milly Carlucci’s talent. But why did she pull out of the show that had brought her so much notoriety? Here are all the details.

He had to hide that…

In 2014, Natalia Titova left Dancing with the Stars to everyone’s surprise, and later, during a guest performance in Come to me, she told the reason for this choice. Into the microphones of Caterina Balivo, the former dancer explained that she was born with a knee problem, osteomyelitis, for which doctors had refused her any kind of sport. As a child, she even risked losing a leg and when she went to her, her mother told her not to tell the doctor that she was playing sports.

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But you He could do everything: rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball, swimming, dancing. The dancer added that she was sorry to have to go dancing with the stars, but didn’t want to make it any worse when the audience was watching her. “I wanted to finish while I was still at the top,” he explained, adding that he knew he couldn’t have given more.