Natalia Titova, heavily pregnant: the most unique and rare photo appears

Natalia Titova, heavily pregnant: the most unique and rare photo appears

Natalia Titova was one of the most popular faces of Dancing with the Stars and Amici and recently a photo of her has surfaced in anticipation.

We know that sNatalia Titova has been a steady couple with Massimiliano Rosolino for several years: the two met in 2006, right in the Dancing with the Stars studios.

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In the beginning there were many doubts about their love and many thought that their relationship would not last long, but after almost 16 years they are still here and meanwhile they also have two girls. A photo of the pregnant dancer also appeared recently.

Natalia TITova: the pregnant photo

Natalia Titova’s career began many years ago, much earlier than you might think. It was in the late 90’s when he started dancing along with Simone Di Pasquale, the famous face of Dancing with the Stars (which he left this year) and from this TV season also of Il Cantante Mascherato. The two also had a long love affair, so it was both a personal and artistic partnership if we look at it from the ’90s to 2006 You have taken part in many competitions, some of them international.

In 2005 she landed on Dancing with the Stars, as a teacher and stayed here for 9 years until 2014. Here he had the opportunity to make himself known to the general public and she was able to show all her skills as a dancer, which allowed her to win some editions, including the fifth paired with Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia. Immediately after that, Natalia Titova ended up at Amici, which she left due to some different ideas from her peers. But it was Dancing with the Stars that gave her the biggest opportunity of her life: to meet the great love In 2006 he met Massimiliano Rosolino in the studios of Rai 1. Since then, the two have been a steady couple and now have two daughters, who are now 11 and 9 years old. However, he recently made a confession that blew everyone away. Recently, a photo of the pregnant Natalia Titova appeared and left everyone speechless.

Here is the most unique shot

Natalia Titova and Massimiliano Rosolino have been a steady couple for almost 16 years now. Nevertheless At first, everyone claimed that the couple was breaking out and that their relationship would end. In a recent couple’s interview with Verissimo, he admitted he noticed her straight away. while she explained that at the beginning of their relationship, since he was still in the middle of his competitive career, she had to follow him around Italy, but that even his mother had said that he would break her heart.

That was not the case, because today the two are still together, closer than ever and have now started a family: Sofia Nicole and Vittoria Sidney emerged from their love, born in 2011 and 2013 respectively. a photo of her pregnant, but be careful: It is not a recent photo. Natalia Titova is not expecting her third child, just what is spinning is a photo published by the weekly Oggi when she was expecting one of her daughters.

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