NASCAR Pinty’s Series: Camirand regains his 12 penalty points

NASCAR Pinty’s Series: Camirand regains his 12 penalty points

Marc-Antoine Camirand now holds exclusive first place overall in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series.

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The Saint-Léonard-d’Aston driver learned Thursday morning that he had regained the 12 points he was deducted following a penalty days after his victory in Edmonton on July 23.

After a follow-up inspection, the officials of the Canadian racing series found that the exhaust system on his car did not meet the prescribed regulations.

However, Camirand, who wears the Paillé team’s colours, has always maintained that the component in question presented no anomaly.

The decision was made a little earlier than expected and so he will present himself with a comfortable priority of 12 points at the top of the table at the next stage on August 27th on the ICAR circuit in Mirabel.

“Justice Has Been Done”

After Tuesday night’s race on clay in Oshweken, where he finished fourth, Camirand shared the lead of the standings with DJ Kennington of Ontario with 385 points.

“We felt very confident that we would win the case and justice was served,” he said in an interview with the Journal.

“With a lead of 12 points,” he continued, “we’re going into the next races full of vigour, thinking about collecting valuable points in the championship. »

Successful practice sessions

Although Camirand has never achieved victory at ICAR, he has always behaved well in the complex built on the site of Mirabel International Airport.

“We had the opportunity this year to take part in two private test sessions at this track and everything went well,” said the man, present in four starts on the third step of the podium (2017) and a seventh finish (2015) .

As for the allegations regarding a possible non-standard rear suspension, which was the subject of complaints from some rival teams earlier this season, “the file is closed and everything is fine,” confirmed Camirand.

Tagliani also turned pale

Camirand will be looking to win a first title in the series, succeeding Louis-Philippe Dumoulin who was crowned champion last season.

Another Quebec driver, Alexandre Tagliani, also won his appeal, this time on Wednesday, and was able to regain the 12 points he lost during a race in western Canada where he was accused of unsportsmanlike conduct on track.

He now sits third overall, maintaining his chances of also winning a maiden NASCAR Pinty’s Series championship in just three events on the calendar.

Cumulative ranking after ten levels (revised)

pilot points

1. Marc-Antoine Camirand 397

1.DJ Kennington385

3. Alexander Tagliani 377

4.Treyten Lapcevich 365

5. Kevin Lacroix364

6.Andrew Ranger362

7. Louis-Philippe Dumoulin 354

8.Brandon Watson353

9. Gary Klatt 352

10. Jean Philippe Bergeron 317