Nancy Pelosi starts her Asia tour without mentioning if she will visit Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi starts her Asia tour without mentioning if she will visit Taiwan

United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will embark on a tour of Asia-Pacific with a congressional task force. This was confirmed by the official from her office, who did not mention whether there will be a stopover in Taiwan.

The six-member delegation will visit Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan, Pelosi’s office said in a statement.

“The trip will focus on mutual security, economic partnership and democratic governance in the Indo-Pacific region,” the statement said.

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“Our delegation will hold high-level meetings to discuss how we can further advance our common interests and values, including peace and security, economic growth and trade, the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, human rights and democratic governance,” Pelosi said .

Tensions in Taiwan

Relations between the United States and China have been strained since news broke that Pelosi could visit Taiwan.

The Asian giant regards Taiwan, an island of around 23 million people, as one of its provinces that has failed to reunite with the rest of its territory since the 1949 Chinese civil war.

The Chinese government rejects any initiative that gives international legitimacy to the Taiwanese authorities and any contact with other countries.

It should be noted that a spokesman for the Asian country’s foreign ministry noted that “[Pelosis’]trip would challenge China’s red line, and any challenge to our red line will undoubtedly be met with strong countermeasures.”

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Last Thursday, the President Joe Biden and its counterpart Xi Jinping They had a tense phone call in which Chinese President Biden said the United States should not “play with fire” when it comes to Taiwan.

For his part, Biden asserted that the US position on Taiwan has not changed and that his country “resists unilateral efforts to change cross-strait status or threaten peace and stability.”

“The Air Force has firm determination, full confidence and sufficient capability to uphold national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Chinese Air Force spokesman said. He also reiterated that defending the territory was the army’s “sacred mission,” according to the Diario del Pueblo, the Communist Party’s press organ.

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Over the past week, Taiwan’s military has held its largest annual military exercises, including simulations of intercepting Chinese attacks at sea.