: Naldo comments on Moranguinho’s future in reality |  Fábia Oliveira Column

: Naldo comments on Moranguinho’s future in reality | Fábia Oliveira Column

This last segment of “A Fazenda 14” gives us something to tell. With Pétala and Deolane dropping out, the last two members of Group A, Moranguinho and Bia, are feeling down and have already considered leaving the program. Strawberry Shortcake Husband, Naldo Benny had a conversation with this columnist writing the voice and commented on a possible departure of the woman. In addition, the singer evaluated the behavior of Ellen’s friends at headquarters.

When asked if he would move to remove Moranguinho from rural reality, Naldo was categorical: “I don’t think there’s any movement from me. It hasn’t and won’t. The game is the game, I would never do that. Even if I have character, I have principles. There should at least be sportsmanship there. People need to know how to lose and how to win,” he began.

Then Naldo says that the program already has a champion: “All of this is an addition to a rot shown in reality. A fake story set up to get out. People think Brazil is a beast, is it stupid? The award goes to Babi, man. Brazil chose Babi. Whether it’s a fake farm or not, that was a moment in the game that happened. The people showed the priority. Within what they have seen over the three months of the program. Now am I going to come here and make up a lie to get Ellen out of this because the outcome is already known?

And he added: “It’s a game. As they presented themselves, so the people saw, cheered and voted. The reality is that this is where people show their side, some well prepared, some ill prepared. As for the Ellen factor, I really appreciate that because I know she’s a damn person.”

Soon after, Naldo said that his wife was influenced by the other members of Group A: “You know that lazy guava in Ellen’s suit that’s rotting the rest of the bag? Unfortunately, Ellen fell for this thing. Eventually, influenced, she took actions Ellen never did. For example, my family here at home, we’ve never seen Ellen do things the way she did at home because she was influenced. swearing, being abusive, being aggressive, [tendo] hateful behavior. This has nothing to do with Ellen,” he shot.

After that, the singer showed the inconsistency of the speeches of his wife’s friends: “In any case, Brazil saw it and Brazil decided who is the villain, who is the protagonist and who is the winner of the bid. There will be evidence when Babi comes back. Strange that it was a party until Friday (02), where Group A celebrated a win, vibrated: ‘We’re blown away,'” she commented.

To close matters, he detonated their attitudes, even praising the attitude of those responsible for the attraction: “I don’t put stuff in the shit, I’m real. It didn’t have that until Friday. When the woman returned, illness appeared, deprivation appeared, record cowardice appeared. Record did a wonderful job, a program I’ve been watching all the time and I don’t like the reality. And Record has PlayPlus there, everyone what is shown. So, Record hasn’t manipulated anything, there’s nothing wrong with the alignment of the program. I think so,” he concluded.

Naldo had already commented on Deolane’s family

It is not new that singer Naldo Benny speaks out against Grupo A, whose wife Moranguinho is part of “A Fazenda 14”. Earlier last month, he took to his Instagram Story to criticize Deolane and Pétala for badmouthing the dancer during the party. He also commented on the fact that the attorney’s mother, Solange Bezerra, complained that reality officials only play his music for the wife and not MC Kevin’s for her daughter.

“The family is jealous too, becausep. Respect to my brother Kevin, I will always love you. Dona Val maximum respect to the lady,” he wrote in a post, using an expression of Solange’s grievance. Just before the singer’s outburst, Deolane’s mother broke the verb and returned to criticize reality and the broadcaster:

“Guys, what you’re doing to Deolane is really disgusting. They play Naldo pra Morango music at every party, they know about Deolane’s history with Kevin, how much she loved him, how successful Kevin is, how much people like Kevin’s songs, and they don’t have the decency, you know the dignity of putting on a Kevin song for her to listen to so she can enjoy the party a little. Then you tell me something, right? What a lousy station, what a dump station,” he explained.

The singer also complained that Deolane and Pétala keep badmouthing Strawberry Shortcake behind her back: “You saw they were badmouthing her again yesterday [sextafeira, 04] at the party, right? What a pity, what a pity. We talk and show the videos. I’m counting on your votes for Ellen, for Strawberry Shortcake, my most dignified, most beautiful wife, whenever it’s needed, because she’s loyal, she’s a partner, she’s pure, she’s only done good in the game, at home, see you such cowardice. Again, I would point out that I do not agree with the group itself. Yesterday Deolane and Pétala were talking about her and she came and offered chocolate,” Naldo reported.

Strawberry Shortcake’s husband said he hopes she will go: “Here at home we suffer, you know, because they talk bad about Ellen and Ellen later arrives in the greatest innocence. You don’t know what’s going on. I bet you, on the other hand, there in your house, are in this agony too. Let them get away from that Group A, which isn’t cool, let them play their game. This is my prayer to God, my fans. Just yesterday, after the party, she was laying on the bed and hugging them both,” she complained, recalling the day everyone was badmouthing them around the campfire.

Naldo also analyzed the game: “Group B is a group of opponents, so to speak, right. So if there’s an attitude from someone who has spoken badly about Ellen, from someone who is making a voting plan, that’s normal, because it’s Group B, it’s the rival group. Now to the group itself, I already said that, in my area it’s called Judaism. I’m from Vila do Pinheiro, from Bonsucesso, and people call Judaism, cowardice, bitch. I don’t agree, I will never agree. I find that disrespectful,” he said.

Naldo said he would get the intimate tattoo

After seeing his wife reveal to his incarcerated colleagues that he had asked him for an intimate tattoo, Naldo said he would do it: “And I’ll do the tattoo on the sack*. My wife wants it, so I make a strawberry in her honor (laughs). I will do it, plain text. We had already talked about it, she had already told me to do it, but I was like, ‘ah, I’m not going to do anything,'” the singer said.

He then reveals that the two enjoy this stuff: “We enjoy this stuff, we are pure love, tongue, passion, sex*, complicity, all together, affection, respect. I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it (laughs). Stay tuned,” Naldo affirmed.

It was about tattoos, and the colleagues remembered the argument about the singer Anitta and her tattoo in “Tororó”, as she called it. Strawberry then recalled at the same moment that Naldo almost got a private tattoo at his request: “I told Naldo to tattoo a strawberry on his bag and he didn’t want to,” he said.

“Fuck it, there’s ink,” Lucas joked. “Idiot,” Morango replied, laughing. And she went on to say that she tried to persuade her husband by citing Anitta’s example: “I told him, ‘Darling, they said that she (Anitta) earns R$500,000. I do not know’. The woman then said she was trying to make a deal with her husband that the image tattooed on her genitals was a strawberry. He even added that the controversial tattoo would bring him money, as did Anitta.

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