Naila Louidort talks what to expect for gamers at the

Naïla Louidort talks what to expect for gamers at the Big Brother celebrity home –

The day after his release from the Big Brother celebrity adventure, in a major crash, Coco Belliveau signed, we got to speak to actress Naïla Louidort, who despite everything seemed serene to be the week’s disfellowshipped. Read our review of Sunday’s episode here.

“They played really well,” said the director, confirming that she had absolutely no idea what was going on. Incidentally, his astonished look on Sunday evening testified to this. It was the same story for Alexandre Despatie last week. “I’m happy because I was loyal to my alliance or naive, it depends (laughs). I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. »

We took the opportunity to ask her how she imagines the next few weeks in the house, now that she is no longer there. “I think Coco is still too discreet to be exposed. She is magnificent. I have no doubt that he is a lovely person in real life too. But I had no idea how hard she played the game, on the other hand you have to be careful because the jury decides the winner at the end, you have to keep that in mind. »

“I think Zoé can shake things up, yes, as a boss. “, She continues. “He may not attack Coco, but Lelouis, it is possible. I think people in the house quickly realized that Lelouis is a working thought leader and leads many things. »

Naïla Louidort, in the difficult times she experienced in the house, without hesitation, names the chain reaction that finally allowed the house to release Martin Larocque: “It was really difficult. Our hearts were beating so hard. The fear of not being elected takes place in small inner wounds. »

Finally, Naïla hopes that Zoé or Marianne will triumph in this third season (like us, by the way!): “They supported each other from the beginning, even before the other alliances. Zoé knows the game really well and Marianne is adorable. I would like to see her win. »

She also had a lot of fun behind the walls, says the actress, especially dancing and singing, which was very rarely shown in front of the camera: “I sang a lot with Natalie. We saw it a little but not much. I can’t wait for viewers to continue experiencing this fun side of me. »

We can also predict a bright sequel for the actress, who is currently starring in a complex role in the series The Emperor, which airs on Noovo on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. The series is available as a catch-up on CRAVE.