Naiara Azevedo feels ill is treated in a hurry and

Naiara Azevedo feels ill, is treated in a hurry and gets an IV

On Saturday, May 21, Naiara Azevedo fans were worried about the singer at night. She performed in Rio Branco, Mato Grosso and suffered from food poisoning.

She writhed in pain in the dressing room, before going on stage she was attended to by a medical team, given an IV and feeling slightly better to perform.

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“I’m really bad, I’ve got food poisoning, I haven’t slept at all from yesterday to today. Stomach pain, nausea, bloating,” she said in her stories.

She sang, danced and needed another batch of IVs by the end of the show.

“I almost couldn’t finish the show because of so much pain. Thank you everyone, my heart is filled with gratitude.”


Naiara Azevedo was one of the musical attractions of the “Altas Horas” on April 16th. One of the first questions he answered concerned the weeks he had spent at BBB22. Despite being eliminated early in the game, the Peasant, one of the most controversial figures in the house, surprised as best she could.

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Though he seemed unhappy in other situations, such as revealing other contestants in the house weren’t true, Naiara She said she was grateful for the invitation and reiterated that the story in the house was positive for her life in several aspects.

I am very grateful for the invitation. It was very positive, very positive! Something very good for all aspects of my life, both professionally and privately.”

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Then the farmer confessed that her main goal in the game was to get her personality out there and win her over, despite the R$1.5 million prize.

I made it very clear at the start of the show that my prize is people’s hearts and I think I’ve captured that!”

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