“My world”;  Simone texts her husband after ‘passion’ rumors reacted with Simaria and Web

“My world”; Simone texts her husband after ‘passion’ rumors reacted with Simaria and Web


The singer, who saw how her husband was involved in rumors with Simaria, left a comment on Instagram, piqued the curiosity of netizens.

by Rafael Belmont

08/09/2022 13:26 BRT

08/09/2022 13:26 BRT

Photos: Instagram/SimonePhotos: Instagram/SimoneRaphael Belmont

gossip? We have, Brazil! As if the rumors of a possible breakup weren’t enough, Simone and Simaria were also involved in another controversy. In the past week, multiple entertainment websites and sites reported that the older sister, who recently retired from the stage, is said to be “in love.” Kaka Dinizhis own brotherinlaw.

Yesterday (Monday 8th) in your account InstagramWhen asked by a follower, the businessman replied, “How do you deal with all these lies that keep coming out about you and your family in the media?” the fan asked, referring to the rumour simaria. direct and sincere cocoa he denied the ‘bafafá’, emphasizing that it was nothing more than an invention.

“As you said yourself, these are lies. The truth can be proved, but lies never. People seek recognition at any cost, even if it means destroying someone’s image for it, but it’s all a failed attempt,” he wrote. Aside from that, cocoa also posted a photo Simone and her two children.

The farmer’s wife specifically emphasized her love for her husband in the comments and ruled out any possibility of a “crisis” in the relationship: “My world of love,” she said. the post of cocoa “exploded” and has already exceeded 200,000 likes. The speaker is successful in the Instagram with content about selfesteem and personal growth, with more than 4 million followers.