1667476891 My son Carlos doesnt hate me hes just afraid of

My son Carlos doesn’t hate me, he’s just afraid of his father

A long and confused interview by Nina Moric with Belve, in which Fagnani struggles to follow the thread of Moric’s discourse, which constantly contradicts itself. From his alleged parental violence, his marriage to Fabrizio Corona and his relationship with his son Carlos, to his “far-right” days.

My son Carlos doesnt hate me hes just afraid of

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Nina Morich it drives you crazy Francesca Fagnani. A long and confused interview that aired on the episode of beasts on Wednesday November 2nd, in which the journalist has difficulty following the thread of Moric’s speech, which after a few minutes contradicts itself, affirming and negating every three times two. From his past and the alleged parental violencetroubled marriage with Fabrizio Corona and today’s relationship with the son Carlosuntil his “extreme right” time.

The alleged violence by the parents

Which beast does Nina Moric feel? “In the past I would have said panther, but today I’m a human, it’s the wildest animal of all,” she explains, proud of the answer. “I have always stripped naked, but I have never lost my dignity. I am proud of the woman I am today. My name? Afraid of losing myself, I tattooed it on my arm: “It’s a series of statements that are difficult to digest.”They say I’m mentally ill, but no doctor has ever diagnosed meFagnani shares with her some of his earlier testimonies when he admitted suffering psychological violence at the hands of his family. But one thing is for sure: “I’m not a liar, today I’m telling the absolute truth.” In the past I have created parallel truths for myself“.

Each time I gave a different version depending on how I felt, maybe nothing happened, maybe I just need to remember that I had two parents who did their best. It’s self-flagellation. I only hurt myself.

The relationship with Fabrizio Corona and his son Carlos

In my life I have always lacked a fixed point, a family‘ he admits. “With Corona, we were two unhappy people, both very fragile.” That’s why the situation would have led to total chaos. Among the most painful episodes were the ex-husband’s allegations of stealing 50,000 euros. Corona also affected his son Carlos.”I didn’t expect that from my son. I’ve never stolen anything. The saddest thing is that he gave me economic value as if I was worth the money. Carlos has no grudges against me, he’s just scared of his dad and as a mother I don’t feel like I did anything wrong.”

The proximity to Casapound in fabulous time

Fagnani traces the time of Nina Moric’s extreme right. “But what a woman of rightsto‘ she denies. “I’m dyslexic, I don’t even know what’s right and what’s left. I accepted this fight, but I didn’t understand anything. I have been manipulated for the interests of others”. At his side at the time was Luigi Favoloso and the model even got around to wanting to apply to Casapound. The journalist is overwhelmed by his constant phrases, which confuse her: “She has always described herself as right-wing. Now she says she did it because she was manipulated, but she didn’t care. But I don’t deny it. Nina Moric blurts out: “Then you see that you don’t follow me.” Fagnani concludes with class: “No, no, I try in every way”.