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My predictions for 2023 at the federal level

In early 2022, I had fun making predictions. I was able to predict the departure of Horacio Arruda and Erin O’Toole.

So here are my forecasts for next year in federal politics:

Cabinet reshuffle:

I predict a cabinet reshuffle in the coming weeks. Justin Trudeau likes to shuffle the cards in January. It’s time to sideline those who aren’t representing themselves. We can think of Lawrence MacAulay, Carolyn Bennett and Joyce Murray. Mr. Trudeau must make way for new Mississauga-Lakeshore Assemblyman Charles Sousa. The former Ontario Treasury Secretary didn’t come to Ottawa to sit next to the curtains. Furthermore, we should not be surprised that the Prime Minister is appointing a new Minister of Public Safety. The last few months have been tough work for Marco Mendicino.

New RCMP officer:

2022 has been a tough year for Brenda Lucki, Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The whole “Freedom Convoy” file did not paint a good picture of the RCMP and the Commissioner. At the Rouleau Commission hearings, we cannot say that it shone. Her mandate will end in the next few months, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she wasn’t reappointed. With the new Secretary of Public Security, after a January reshuffle, it would be perfectly legitimate to appoint a new chief in the RCMP.

General Elections:

They say our national sport is hockey, but we’re wrong! These are the elections. While Justin Trudeau said in his year-end interviews that there will be no elections in 2023, we shouldn’t take that as a guarantee. The Prime Minister would not reveal his game at this point. With a minority government, Mr. Trudeau has no choice but to face favorable circumstances. If he can snag a majority, the Liberal leader will not pass up the opportunity. Get ready, the elections are coming!