My brain swipes The TikTok generation before the pitfalls of

“My brain “swipes””: The TikTok generation before the pitfalls of social networks

Left to right: Fitness influencer Kenfit’s advice is being followed by many young teens on TikTok. Influencer Léna Situations, 25, plays the good friend on social networks. AFP / LOIC VENANCE Tiktok@kenfit

TESTIMONIALS – Teens don’t always realize that TikTok is designed to capture their attention. The platform keeps them online by targeting all of their interests and recording their details.

“For us, TikTok is a bit like tobacco for the older generation. We try to pick up but we hold for a week. Like many teenagers, 17-year-old Louise is aware of the addiction this short video-sharing platform sparks. The application, which originated in China, has nearly two billion users worldwide four years after its launch. “It exploded with confinement, Louise continues. Since I downloaded it, I don’t go to Netflix anymore, I don’t watch series anymore. It’s too long…I go there every morning after “checking” my messages. Once I get my nose in, I spend hours scrolling (scrolling through the content).”

The app works with an algorithm that tracks user preferences. For Louise, it’s videos of animals, make-up, covers of scenes from cult films and sometimes politicians like Marine Le Pen and her cats in the presidential campaign. “I have…

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