1692764902 Musical news from Africa to better surf through the heat

Musical news from Africa to better surf through the heat waves

Musical news from Africa to better surf through the heat

It’s hot in Europe. But that doesn’t mean that the joy of partying that’s so typical of summer continues to take precedence over all other proposals. To enrich both popular and private festivals, here is a selection of new music from different parts of Africa. A varied and eclectic list where innovative and very original bets are mixed with more classic styles. Borderless cooperation with more local participations. All helps to better understand some of the many compositions that bustle and overwhelm the region. Because music composed in Africa has grown beyond the geographic borders of the continent.

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Nana Benz du Togo is a Togolese group of five members who met by chance at a music workshop. They have taken the name of the enterprising women who sold at the Lomé market and traveled in Mercedes as a symbol of their wealth. The group’s first album is titled Ago. It contains a very original sound based on voodoo rhythms, accompanied by electro soul and lots of percussion. Also noteworthy are the instruments they use. One of his songs that hits the hardest is J’ai compris.

Koto (Japanese flat harp), dundun (mandinka drums) and kora feature among others on Amaarae’s latest work, Fountain Baby. The artist experiments with new sounds such as R&B, pop, funk and rock. And all without losing the sensuality of his characteristic voice. Wested Eyes was the theme chosen by the young Ghanaian for the presentation of this second album.

ChopLife SoundSystem is the name used by Nigerian Mr. Eazi and Kenyan DJ Edu when DJing together. In collaboration with South African rappers Focalistic and Anatii, they have released the dance floor-breaking song “By Force”. It appears on the duo’s first album, Chop Life, Vol. 1: Mzansi Chronicles. It’s kind of an anthem to get rid of bad energy and definitely get what’s yours. It is accompanied by a hilarious video filmed on the streets of London.

Hailing from Uganda, Mudra D Viral has gradually managed to reach the top of his country’s charts while at the same time beginning to push boundaries. He started in the world of composing music for other artists while waiting for the opportunity to interpret his own songs. All titles released so far have been very well received. The last one is Kengere.

Nigerian Patoranking enjoys collaborating with artists from all over the world. In his latest single, he does it with Jamaican popcaan. Together they created “Tonight”, a song that will sweep you away wherever it is heard.

Speaking of collaborations, Chley’s and Diamond Platnumz can’t be left out. The young South African artist, one of the most powerful voices of amapiano (South African house), joins the very experienced Tanzanian and king of bongo flava to go even further. Shu! It’s called the single they just released.

We’re closing with something very different than the hand of Asher Gamedze. The South African composer says he makes music to protest the ills of the world: the marginalization of the dispossessed, multinational corporations, neo-colonialism and cold concrete. His second album, Turbulance and Pulse, is a proposition through experimenting with the senses. Wynter time is the theme chosen to delve into this universe.

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