Music to influence the morale of the pigs

Music to influence the morale of the pigs

Scientists are conducting a study on the music that could potentially affect the morale of pigs in a pigsty in Belgium.

“There’s definitely a specific sound that affects animal behavior,” study coordinator Sander Palmans told CTV News. There’s a serious possibility that music could have the same effect.”

A pig farmer, Piet Paesmans, has alarmed scientists after seeing his 10-year-old son singing in the barn.

“I immediately saw the pigs’ ears pricked,” said the breeder. I thought it would be a great opportunity to take advantage of it.”

The headmaster concerned claims that his animals don’t like rock music. Jolly dance songs are popular with pigs, he says.

If music could influence animal behavior, it would be possible to place them in optimal conditions to reduce their stress. This would improve the quality of the meat.

The scientists were able to start the study after raising nearly $100,000.