Music producer distributes posters all over São Paulo and collects debts from Pixote singer: ‘Caloteiro’

Music producer distributes posters all over São Paulo and collects debts from Pixote singer: ‘Caloteiro’

Dodô, lead singer of Pixote, is accused of owing R$300,000 to a music producer who worked with the band in the 1990s after they broke the contract following a dispute at the time.

In addition to covering the story in videos posted to Instagram, professional Gilson Lima circulated posters in the city of São Paulo with a photo of the pagodeiro with the following message: “Pay me, dead Dodô.”

According to information from Balanço Geral SP, the producer claims that Dodô would have to pay the costs for two shows around R$ 5,000 at the time. According to Gilson Lima, the artist did not fulfill the agreement and signed a contract with another professional.

The two have been fighting this fight in court since 2003, and the producer even won the R$90,000 lawsuit back then. Currently, the debt is already around R$300,000 with no agreement between the former producer and the pagodeiro.

Given the impact of the story, Dodô posted a video on Instagram Stories to comment on the matter. He denied that he was a blackjack and reiterated that he had “always honored himself” with professional commitments.

“All week there were rumours, full of things that talked about me. It is a process that has been going on since 2006 and that has now come to light,” said the pagodeiro.

“But not just me, there are a lot of people involved in this business, but my name gets around. I have family, friends, children and many people know that I have always kept my commitments,” he added.

Dodô’s press office also issued a note on the band’s official profile, reporting that extrajudicial and appropriate action will be taken against those responsible for distributing the posters saying the singer is “deadbeat”.

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