Music lessons: 5 good reasons to rely on the piano – Quick Look

Music lessons: 5 good reasons to rely on the piano – Quick Look

Aside from being fun, playing a musical instrument is beneficial in many ways. In fact, it improves concentration, memory, coordination and self-confidence in particular. Would you or your child like to learn this art? -Here are five good reasons to choose the piano:

Huge repertoire: the piano offers a wide range of pieces, whether to play solo or to accompany another musician, regardless of the recommended style (pop, jazz, blues, classical, rap, etc.).

Minimal maintenance: Unlike the guitar, among other things, which ideally needs to be tuned before each session, a piano usually only needs to be tuned two to four times a year. And if you have a numeric keypad, you don’t need to set it at all!

Easy start: Learning to play the piano is of course not possible “with the scissors scream”. However, it is enough to press the keys to instantly get the desired notes. With a wind instrument, for example, producing a clear, in-tune sound first requires mastering mouth position and airflow.

Natural Posture: While some instruments require an uncomfortable or awkward posture (especially the violin and flute can cause neck and shoulder pain for beginners), the piano allows you to have a comfortable posture.

Solid Foundation: Pianists must read in two different keys at the same time. So if they then want to play another instrument, they can easily choose the instrument of their choice, be it treble clef (clarinet, trumpet, etc.) or bass clef (cello, tuba, etc.).

The Performing Arts

These activities, musical (singing, piano, etc.) or not (theatre, improvisation, etc.), are great for openness, self-realization, enhancing one’s talents, and self-transcendence. They can help to cope with stress and positively tame the pressure to perform.

-Ask your community or nearby schools to sign up for the course or activity of your choice!